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  1. StVen

    Series 'HD Test' Planned for Anniversary + some KH3D infos.

    I came across to this wonderful update about Kingdom Hearts 3D and planned 'HD Test' on previous KH titles. KH3D to appear in TGS is officially confirmed and will also be playable. BBQ sauce: http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2011/08/09/nomura_on_kingdom_hearts/ Soy sauce...
  2. StVen

    Thank God for a 3DS price drop!

    I think Nintendo is starting to learn about how 3DS is so over priced, at least to me. Not far along, Nintendo announced a price drop of original Y25,000 to Y15,000. weee! and I think it's happening international though not sure. Read more here
  3. StVen

    I think we have a chance for BBS remaster.

    I just found this news and it looks like Japan wants KH:BBS to be remastered followed by Crisis Core. You'd be the judge. Though I really wish it would get localize in the west. Discuss. Source
  4. StVen

    What about a Kingdom Hearts without Disney?

    Since we all know that Xehanort's Saga is going to end at KH3 and Sora is still going to be the hero, I'm really interested in people's opinion about Kingdom Hearts to let go of Disney (meaning no Goofy and Donald and the rest of Disney Worlds). So should Kingdom Hearts let go of Disney and...
  5. StVen

    A new KH title maybe?

    This is what I found while looking up some FF Versus 13 Updates. Texas BBQ sauce: http://www.ff-reunion.net/ff7/2011/07/05/sqex_news_512
  6. StVen

    Do you think they'll ever show Sora's parents?

    I know for the fact that Sora's parents exist in the story. It will not be possible for Sora to be alive and breathing without his parents. You can actually see in these screenshots that Sora has Mom and Dad. This is Sora's mom speaking 'dinner's ready' the event when there were storm in the...
  7. StVen

    [Question]Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded

    Is it possible to complete the game 100% with just one play through? Like I only have to play it once and 100% complete it from there? :) Thanks!
  8. StVen

    What's your 2012 10th yr anniversary wish?

    Since there haven't been news around lately, I decided to create a Poll of what you would want Nomura to do on 2012 which is the 10th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts. [Source (Andriasang)]
  9. StVen

    Do you think KHIII might get delayed?

    I assumed that all of you knows what happen in Japan these past few days. My question is do you think it would delay the making of KH3 at some point or not? I've heard news about SE shutting down servers of FF online to conserve energy. Do you think KHIII will receive the impact of this...
  10. StVen

    My Upcoming Youtube Channel

    Okay guys, first of all, I am not here to promote my work whatsoever. I am here to let you guys critique the youtube channel that I made recently. I am looking for creative comments such as "It's better if you do this and that" and NOT "This channel sucks dude!! gtfo!@%".. Anyway, here is the...
  11. StVen

    Hello KH people!

    Hi guys, I am kinda new to the forum and I would just like to introduce myself to the crowd. First of all, my name is Steven, I'm male, 20 and very obsessed with kingdom hearts series. I think its time for me to join here. It's been a month of eavesdropping in the forum so I decided to join. :)...