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    Wait. How is MX able to return as a Somebody in a form that isn't Terranort?

    MX's heart did fall to darkness via Terranort in Radiant Gardian but the body that heart was inhabiting was Terranort. The pysical form of the somebody reformed would be Terranort, right? Was the MX in DDD time traveling? It's confusing because some form of MX must be in the present or YMX would...
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    Short Story.

    Taking the Garbage Out By me “Take the garbage out!” I heard for the tenth time. After ignoring the command for forced labor for five minutes, as was the custom in my household, I decided to take action before the wrath of my mother showed its face, the other custom. Scuffling together the...
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    Chat Room ban?

    :confused: Well it appears i have been banned from the chatroom... I proably did somthing wrong I would just kindly like to know what.
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    What I think of Keybladdes

    Okay i think keyblades can represent anything.......to realms...to worlds...to ones heart...to ones memory...anything really.But you must have a strong heart also keychains reprsent keyblades that are connected.....thts why light iis connected to dark and twilight.....just imagine the...