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    It's Been a while........BARD!!

    SO ya I was using Gimp aaaannnnnnddd this happened. Bardy by ~Bl-A-ck-T on deviantART Comment and Critique on deviant is Appreciated
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    Keyblade Warrior Tinder

    Hi-ho peoples. This is just another little diddy I whipped up for a club. I think I'm begining to develop a drawing/coloring style for better or worse. I tried my best to stray away from my usual three colored outfit, like I did for Nexis and Riot. And I did my best to kick my black and white...
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    Corrupted Hearts

    Well I still haven't gotten into org-infinity but since I'm only using these clubs as practice rejection may actual be a good thing. Anyway this is my entry for Corrupted Hearts. This only look about 2 hours or so which is surprisingly faster than when I first started taking drawing seriously...
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    Nexis 4.0

    Well I wanted to practice folds in close but To be Honest I don't know a thing about it so I kinda guess the for whole thing.But I guess it's a step up from my that one. Any thips would be apperciated. Nexis 4.0 by ~polkman on deviantART
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    Art help

    Hey peeps. After my last major projected I realized that I sucked at dynamic postioning....and spelling. Fin Nexis was actually the best I've ever done and thats kinda sad. http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk135/polkmanp/Kh2.jpg So I have a question for all your experts out there. Other than...
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    Mx DS, Riku Ansem

    You know how Ansem was able to project himself outside of riku and was physical since he eventually fought him. MX and DS....same thing. There's a huge chance that i'm wrong because caslte obivion might have something to do with it but to my knowledge castle oblivion has no powers...
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    Fin Nexis

    Ok done. nothing else to say nothing else i'm willing to fix, I've reached the point where, if I do any more it won't be fun anymore. Here is the normal version. http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk135/polkmanp/KhForum.jpg And here is a slightly darker version that I both love and hate, a...
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    Nexis #3

    Hey people. Step two of my three step plan is complete. I colored him in and tryed to fix him up a bit. His left hand needs to be clean up more and his right eye is non-existent but i'll get to that. Some of you said that his face was meesed up but I didn't know how to fix that, if some one...
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    I'm sorry but there are no free cookies, I just wanted to get your attention. Sorry. ANyway its sad but my first Nexis I sent in to Org-infinity was regetted. Apperrently at least half of the Nobodies body must be shown. (That wasn't stated anywere in their rules) So after sucking it up I...
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    20 Q

    I think the best way to come up with a good theory or possible plot for kh3/ bbs/ 358 is to actual list all the unanswered questions. If we know whats left to be answered it could be easier to come up with a solid theory. For example 1. What exactly is a keyblade 2. out of all the 14 year old...
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    This is my Nobody

    I'm not sure if you guys didn't notice before but just in case Here i go agian. This Is the Nobdy I made for Org-Infinity. I posted before but no one saw it and I guess I got fustrated. But I'll give it another shot. Photoshoping wasn't as bad this time around. Problably because i drew with the...
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    Another doodle + Photoshop

    Nevermind I'll try again later
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    Fresh Out Photoshop

    Well here it is. And let me tell you photoshop is not my friend. I have developed a whole nother level of respect for people who use it well. Anyway I kinda like the colors i chose for this, except maybe for the red on the blade. It's not perfect but hey nothing is. Oh ya this the blade it self...
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    Sora vs. Roxas

    Ya know in the cutscene when Sora is Fighting Roxas and Roxas says "Tell me why he picked you", I think he remember something about Ven. For all we know only four people have keyblades with keychains and thats Sora, Riku , Mickey and MX. All the keyblades in the key crossroad and THat VAT...
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    Fresh out the SketchPad

    Hey peeps this is my first time posting art so I'm sorry if i do something wrong. I drew this during studyhall and thought i share the love with you guys. So far people have either said it good or over done but i like to over due things. I know i could have done the chain better but i was...