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  1. J

    Favorite KH2 Keyblade

    Mine favorite would have to be Sweet Memories of course lol just kidding. Mine would have to be Decisive Pumpkin because its as strong as oblivion, it has a combo boost, and who doesn't like jack skeleton :lol:
  2. J

    Who will you use first/effect.

    I would play as Aqua first sense i don't know much about her, then Ven, and i'll save Terra for last sense i think he is going to have the best story.
  3. J

    Hello, I'am new here

    Hello everyone, i am new you can call jimmlee. Woot this is my first post, i love kingdom hearts and i always will no matter how old i get. Kingdom hearts was the first game i bought for my ps2, i wasn't sure if i really wanted to buy it but after seen the opening i knew i made the right choice.