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  1. DestinyIslander

    Would anything have really changed if they permanently axed off Maleficent back in KH1?

    Maleficent should’ve been the main antagonist of the entire series. But Nomura doesn’t know how to write female characters, so she got shafted just like everyone else that had so much potential...
  2. DestinyIslander

    Anyone else, like... in LOVE with KH MoM?

    Really? Everywhere I go I’m just seeing people being indifferent to it.
  3. DestinyIslander

    Anyone else, like... in LOVE with KH MoM?

    I mean it might just be me because I love rhythm games and Yoko Shimomura’s music (plus it’s a KH game on the Nintendo Switch, so it was kind of a no-brainer for me), but legit this has seriously been the most fun I’ve had with a video game since FFVII Remake!
  4. DestinyIslander

    How should the characters be treated going forward

    They need to flat out get rid of some of these characters, or just not focus on them at all. Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Xion and Axel, for example, have all fulfilled their purpose, so if they somehow get playable parts again in future games, that would be unbelievably stupid...
  5. DestinyIslander

    DEATH BATTLE: Master Yoda vs. Mickey Mouse

    Just so we’re clear, Ultima is in fact stronger than anything in Yoda’s entire arsenal, right?
  6. DestinyIslander

    DEATH BATTLE: Master Yoda vs. Mickey Mouse

    I’m hoping Mickey wins obviously, but Yoda is just stupid OP.
  7. DestinyIslander

    Top 10 Worst Characters

    Honestly... I would actually be okay with that. In general I think the Twilight Town friends are extremely underrated.
  8. DestinyIslander

    Top 10 Worst Characters

    But at least with new characters, there is SOME semblance of hope. That Stella-esque character in the Yozora world is 100x more interesting to me than any of the KH girls just based off the mystery alone.
  9. DestinyIslander

    Top 10 Worst Characters

    While I agree with the sentiment, the fact of the matter is that the female characters in KH are just fundamentally boring and uninteresting, and that’s due to Nomura not knowing what to do with any of them. No amount of development is going to stop Kairi from being a discount-Sakura. Now, I...
  10. DestinyIslander

    Top 10 Worst Characters

    What are the 10 characters in this bloated cast that you NEVER want to see again? For me, it’s: 10. Kairi 9. Axel 8. Saix 7. Namine 6. Terra 5. Demyx 4. Larxene 3. Ventus 2. Xion 1. Aqua
  11. DestinyIslander

    How would you rank the Kingdom Hearts games?( Favourite - least favourite)

    1. KH2 2. KH3 3. KH1 4. KH CoM 5. KH MoM 6. KH ReCoded 7. KH DDD 8. KH BBS 9. KH 358/2 Days
  12. DestinyIslander

    What are your Top 10 Favourite Kingdom Hearts Songs / OSTs ?

    In celebration of Melody of Memories and the goddess Yoko Shimomura 😍, what are everyone’s favourite songs from the Kingdom Hearts games’ soundtracks? Mine would be: 10. Kingdom Hearts - A Very Small Wish 9. Kingdom Hearts - Night of Fate 8. Kingdom Hearts 3 - Replicas 7. Kingdom Hearts -...
  13. DestinyIslander

    What are your “Current” Top 10 favorite KH characters?

    1. Sora Obvious answer lol. He’s the most developed and likeable character in the series by far. Of all the “chosen one / hero” archetypes, Sora is the most unique because they don’t waste time showing how he has to “grow up” and “accept his responsibilities”, his childlike innocence is always...
  14. DestinyIslander

    Hopes for kh4 or next kh game?

    I just hope the game isn’t as concerned with focusing on EVERY single character like KH3 did. It made sense for that game since it was the final war and everything, but for the next game I hope the focus is ultimately back to Sora, Donald, Goofy, Riku, Mickey, Kairi and Roxas just like how it...
  15. DestinyIslander

    Favorite Duos

    Riku and Mickey’s journey from darkness to light is like the very epitome of the series! It encapsulates everything great about the story.
  16. DestinyIslander

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    3.) Treasure Planet The best 2D Animated Disney film not making it into the series would be a huge shame. Also: solar surfing. 2.) Toy Story Toy Story was the absolute best part of KH3, so I’d love to see it return and to get to explore Andy’s house/neighbourhood more, and to see more of the...