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  1. DestinyIslander

    Anyone else, like... in LOVE with KH MoM?

    I mean it might just be me because I love rhythm games and Yoko Shimomura’s music (plus it’s a KH game on the Nintendo Switch, so it was kind of a no-brainer for me), but legit this has seriously been the most fun I’ve had with a video game since FFVII Remake!
  2. DestinyIslander

    Top 10 Worst Characters

    What are the 10 characters in this bloated cast that you NEVER want to see again? For me, it’s: 10. Kairi 9. Axel 8. Saix 7. Namine 6. Terra 5. Demyx 4. Larxene 3. Ventus 2. Xion 1. Aqua
  3. DestinyIslander

    What are your Top 10 Favourite Kingdom Hearts Songs / OSTs ?

    In celebration of Melody of Memories and the goddess Yoko Shimomura 😍, what are everyone’s favourite songs from the Kingdom Hearts games’ soundtracks? Mine would be: 10. Kingdom Hearts - A Very Small Wish 9. Kingdom Hearts - Night of Fate 8. Kingdom Hearts 3 - Replicas 7. Kingdom Hearts -...