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    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread I doubt Jesse McCartney will have that much to say in this game. Kouki Uchiyama, the japanese VA of Roxas/Ventus is also voicing Neku. It would be weird, if he would have that much to voice. I don't say that Roxas or Ventus will not appear (obviously yes...
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    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread So nobody read his hint on Twitter ? https://twitter.com/#!/jessedavidcorti/status/167130700783435776
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    BBS SE: Namine at the mansion. BBSv2 Secret trailer: Kairi at the mansion

    Well, first a new kid (Sora) came to the town and leave HPO with a feeling behind that they can't describe. Then some times after, a girld (Kairi) arrived mysteriously through a black hole, from the wall. So, don't tell me, that I would be the only one who would show the mysterous girld the...
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    BBS SE: Namine at the mansion. BBSv2 Secret trailer: Kairi at the mansion

    Yeah, I think the last scenes were symbolic. And Riku's stalking is new, yeah, actually all the scene were new footage, I did not denied but they are all set between BBS and RE:Coded. Of cource all of that is/may be important, but I just wonder why everyone keep thinking or speculating that only...
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    BBS SE: Namine at the mansion. BBSv2 Secret trailer: Kairi at the mansion

    I can't get why people here really think this scene was post-KHII. All of the scene in the trailer shows things that happened between the games, why would that scene (which was not even the last scene of the trailer) shows something of the future, while none of the other scene relly does? From...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    I just compared the two sound clips from the KH3D Trailer with the scene in KH1 where Sora asks Riku if they get that far with the raff. They sound exactly the same. No, I don't mean the script. I mean the voices. They sound exactly the same! Sure, the VAs could tried to say the text like...
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    Data Sora's Voice

    I think his voice suits Sora because of the new character model they use for him since RE:CoM. It would bugs me if it were his KH1 model, but with this it fits (I even thik it would be weird to hear his KH1 voice on his current model)! Luckly for the japanese that Miyu Irino still can pull of...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    THIS! I know the manga is not canon, but even there she was going out with the gang before coming back to their hideout and get kidnapped. And remember she was finishing to tell her story as Axel came. To introduce yourself and tell your story can take a while.
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    re:Coded Fails Sales Wise

    Re: Coded Fails Sales Wise This. And don't forget the FMs had the english dub, which make it fresh.
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    recoded impressions

    It's like you said, he is DATA Sora (and this is not a spoiler, because it's a basic info, like when you read at the back of the game package), so it's like you 'cheating' and give him more abilities, even though he hasn't them at that time in the original KH. Wasn't something like that...
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    Birth by Sleep Final Mix TGS Info (Will have BRAND NEW content, January 2011)

    There will be not new worlds (multiplayer maybe but not for the main story), because they would have new cutscenes and than the english voice actors would had recorded it, because this game is with full english voices. Remember the first FM? They just have a few new cutscene, where the voices...
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    Ienzo's aging

    Well, if it's from the current Ultimania, then it's indeed active. Then it is also just another plothole of many, unless Ansem is senile.
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    Ienzo's aging

    Where does it exacly said they turned into nobodies a year after BBS? I know BBS take place 10 years before KH and it was said that the heartless invade RG ABOUT 9 years before KH, but I think the time of the invasion is debatable. I mean think about the "Secret Ansem Report 1": "One of my own...
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    Terra Dual Wield?

    How come then that Roxas use a Keyblade while Sora use his while he was at Castle Oblivion? They can't be the same. And I think Around the time where Sora was asleep, Xion was able to use a Keyblade, which means it must be Sora's. Neither you can trust Riku...he does not even have a Keyblade at...
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    Terra Dual Wield?

    Have you forgotten what Xion says right after? "My keyblade is NOT a sham!" Just because Riku did not believe there where more people who could wield a Keyblade besides Sora (and the king) at this time he said that.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D

    He is right. NDS3 does not mean, that every game are in 3D. Because like he said some developers are giving up the 3D technology to make the graphics of a game better. Like the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the 3D, where they now dropped the 3D technology for graphics sake...
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    New Degenki Interview

    Even if Xemnas was the main villain this fight also had no pupose and Sora dosen't even remember this fight (and don't forget it was canon). And this. So yeah, both are canon, and the new boss will certainly also.
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    BBS collectors edition in Germany

    TWEWY. Yeah, I remember that I saw it in a store here and I was wondering, that it was already out. Than the next days I bought a NDS just for this game. But like always it was just in english. So only the people from the UK could really enjoy the fact that it was out in Europe first. Not that I...
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    BBS collectors edition in Germany

    This. I agree. And This! I totally agree to both.
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    Guy With Two Blue Blades???

    And that's the reason we called it RETCON! °___° Here, because you don't want to look at your own (at 10:47 - 10:56): YouTube - kingdom hearts 2 twilight town day 3