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    You were a fairy from the time of fall A floating creature that I could never reach No one like you would ever feel sadness, I thought to myself Ignorance is a mean creature, wrapping around my head And I could not see past the pretty picture I’ve never seen a fairy so sad
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    BBS- Jungle Book Video

    Um.....go ahead and get rid of this if it's in the wrong spot or if someone's already posted it. YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - Removed World (The Jungle Book) :3
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    Fanfiction ► In The Dark (Short Story)

    Blue eyes flashed. A gasp of pain cut through the silent air, desperate and cold. "H-Help me!" The girl whimpered, arms clawing desperately to the arms. They held her tight...the arms of thorns, prickly and painful. Every time she tried to get them off, they cut her thin black gloves. The...
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    Axel and Ventus?!

    WOW, what an Original title. Okay, I've been gone for awhile, so I don't know if anyone has asked this, but I'd like someone to show their opinion hur. Why does Axel not tell Roxas about..well, Ventus?! I mean...dude it's a guy that looks exactly like your best friend, why don't you tell him...
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    Terra and Lingering Sentiment Connection?

    Title says it. I've noticed some things about LS and Terra that are...interesting. YouTube - Terra - The Lingering Sentiment [English Subbed] Note what position LS is in. Keyblade in front of him, on his knees. In the Jump Festa trailer, you see Terra fall weakly into that same stance. When...
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    Haha sorry for the obnoxious title. here's why I think Vanitas is Xehanort. First of all, his outfit. Looks alot like Riku's dark form right? Who does Riku get that form from...you got it Xehanort/Xehanort's Heartless..../..Ansem my god to many names for one guy. Next. His mask. Seriously...
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    Ven saves Ienzo?

    First off, hello. Okay, sorry to bother. I was doing some Ienzo research and found that picture, (I'm sure you all know it, the one w/ Ienzo, Even and Ventus) I saw a page, don't remember where...Anyways, Even was saying "I guess I owe you a thank you" And Ienzo nodded or whatever. That makes...