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    New Scans from Famitsu

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Famitsu review translation | RPG Land: RPG reviews, wallpapers, news and more since 1999. You can find there 4 scans from Famitsu, its about the ratings, and there are also screenshots, but nothing new actually. Source: RPGLands, FFReunion.
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    Message from the Kingdom - New Entry

    Here is the link And it seems like there is a new entry. Can someone translate it? And Im sorry if there was this topic already.
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    Expections about the music in BBS

    Well, my expections on this games music are very high, we have 5 very important characters, and like before, each of them is going to get an own theme. I believe, each of you can kinda imagine how Terras Theme is going to be, because of the lingering sentiment fight, and also because a part of...
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    There is a remake of Coded! (Spoilers)

    Two years ago, Square Enix announced three new Kingdom Hearts games, each of them, will tell you the untold stories. Xehanort, Roxas time in the organisation, the absence of Riku and Mickey. Well, I already wondered, why Coded was developed for a mobile phone, which is only available in Japan...
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    Another Interview from rpglands

    http://www.rpgland.com/content/media/2009/12/cantbelieveimdoingthisshitonnewyearseve56.jpg lissar we need your help ;)
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    High Quality Pictures by Famitsu

    You can find now, high quality pictures from the recent scans on Famitsu.com Here is the link to the pictures Click here It features various pictures from the opening, in CGI quality, they look great! And in game scenes and battle pictures of course, BBS release in a few weeks, and the tension...
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    Cave Paintings in Destiny Islands

    I remembered the cave paintings from Destiny Islands, in the secret cave. There were arts of a Dragon, Donald and Goofy and the Mysterious Tower in Yen Sids world. So, I was thinking, who did paint that in that cave. And it must be Kairi. Because she knew about them, the dragon, the tower, that...
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    Thrax is back

    Hey fellaas Its mee, Thrax, not Yannis, he was Thraxe, I am Thrax lol. I had several problems, so I didnt used my computer for 1 month. I missed the forum not that much however, Im glad to be here again hehe. So, lets have a good time, oh btw. I finally got Re:CoM! But there is one problem, I...
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    epic master xehanort sig

    just for fun, very simple one. TX on the left is my waterproof. and a prince of persia sig two versions. it was a gift for a guy called Dude.
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    Is there eventually going to be a continuation of IPhone

    Hey there. My dad bought the iPhone, two weeks ago. He is not completely satisfied with the iPhone, especially because the short message modus. It has problems with the swiss german language.. However, do you guys know if Apple is developing a new iphone? Or something like that?
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    YouTube - KH Re:CoM English - Zexion, Lexaeus, Vexen I just found it Wow, Zexions voice is not the best. But its ok And Lexaeus' voice actor is brillant. That is the voice I expected for him :D Pronunciation of their names: Lex - As <- This was clear. Zex- I-an <- a bit surprising for me, I...
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    Any Videos of RE: CoM?

    If you have recorded anything from the game, pls post it here. I am so excited to see it
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    Polls in Switzerland: Weed legalize or not?

    Yo guys, Weed is gonna be legal from the 30th november. Then we know, if it is, or not. But, everywhere in the newspaper, they think its gonna be legal, and me too, every dude her, who smokes, is gonna vote for yes. And the most of the parents to so too. So, what you think about it? Btw. I do...
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    Looking for a song

    Hey guys, yesterday I heard a song in the radio, I only memorize the medley of it, so I maybe you know that song. Pls listen to it. I need the name of the song. shit, where can I upload a wma file?
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    Help/Support ► Need help, topic is a wonderful girl <3

    Hey there. I really need some suggestion for my next actions. Since september, I am visiting a new school, its a computer science school. And 3 weeks ago, I saw this fucking beautiful girl!!!! I can only see her in the 15:30 - 15:45 breaks. Because in that break, she is just in the next...
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    New Scans of 358 and BBS @ Gamekyo.com

    Gamekyo : Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep new screenshots Gamekyo : Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days new screens of Xion Awesome!
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    A Xion theory (this is unique)

    Fellas I just had a conversation with my german dude. We talked about several ways of Xions birth, her existence, her purpose TO BE, her tasks, etc.. It is obvious, Xion is a character, which wasnt planned to be involved to the story, but we know what SE is doing, they make it more exciting...
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    Bad News about NDSi (may a good news for some of you)

    The DSi will feature an region code. That will help with several Software Downloads, and especially for the DSiChannel. So, if you are gonna buy it from Japan, may you are not able to play exclusiv DSi games from NA. Each game, which is upcoming, will also feature this region code... And...
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    There is possibly another Nobody, also born through Soras body and Soul.

    You know, Roxas is supposed to have the heart of Ven. And somehow, Sora held it, till he lost it @ Hollow Bastion. This is only from a theory... No fact! Lets flashback. If Sora held Vens back for a long time, so he had at least three heart, in himself. Through Soras Body and Soul, and...
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    KH III officially mentioned in German PS3 Magazine!

    Spieletipps.de - Spiele-News It is said, that there are a lot of talk about KH III to be developed for PS3. And PS3 Magazine confirmed the announcement. But not officially. Now, they wanna contact Square Enix, they have to confirm it.. They believe, it is going to be confirmed at TGS 9. - 12...