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  1. meirge

    meirge's sketch thread

    tumbles in, back from school ever so briefly tumbles out
  2. meirge

    Film ► Spike Lee's Oldboy Remake

    Got a poster today Any fans of the original here have thoughts? -Apparently- Lee will be adapting it more from the original manga than from the film Trailer will be out 7/10, actual film comes out 10/25
  3. meirge

    black white red etc (sketchbook thread yup)

    hi i got a moleskine in may this is what i have to show for it sadly these are all phone camera photos, i'm actually really sorry for the quality ^^^^some characters i throw around, Imre and Bozena. they're adapted from the folk tale Allerleirauh/Thousand Furs rate/comment/subscribe thnx...
  4. meirge

    Anime/Manga ► show off your merch!

    any figures, posters, just cool fandom shit in general you're proud of? let's see it! also ignore the prefix. comics, movies, playbills, anything. most of my other stuff is packed away right now. will probably crack them out once my room is cleaner :v
  5. meirge

    sketch dump of the century

    bringing these over from my tumblr
  6. meirge

    i'm a renegade cop who don't play by the rules

    But really, hey there (⊙w⊙✿) I'm meirge (pronounced mair-ya it's weird i know) and I hail from Chicago, nice to meet you guys I like cosplaying, art, and writing/critique so expect me to be pretty active along those types of threads! I'm Russian so I could be drunk right now, you just don't...