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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix secret ending questions

    OK, i have a few questions regarding the secret ending to kingdom hearts 2 final mix: 1. how do you unlock the secret ending on proud mode and critical mode?(many different websites say different requirements, so i'm not sure) 2. If you fulfill the requirements to see the secret ending, when...
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    The way Ven holds his keyblade

    Does anyone else notice the way Ven holds his keyblade, i'm just curious because he's the only one who holds it like that
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ changes

    I have a question about kingdom hearts 2 final mix+, since i will import it soon, i know that saving data with both games effects the games, so i want to know what changes will effect each games, like what changes will occur to kingdom hearts 2 final mix when you beat kingdom hearts re chain of...
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    Questions about Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix

    Since Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix isn't in North America, i'm considering importing the game, and since i will be importing the game, i have some questions about it since it will be japanese. How do i play the game on a silver ps2 slim? Will i have to go through the same process everytime i...
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    Organization 13 cards in Re Chain of Memories

    Ok when another kingdom hearts website said this: "Gamestop also confirmed that the cards of the Organization members- that, previously, could only be gained when playing Re:CoM with a Final Mix+ save- will be in the NA version of the game." What does that mean, does it mean that we dont need...
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    xion roxas and axel

    we all know they are friends, but what happened up to the part when xion was going to fight axel?
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    Nobodies in KH:358/2 days

    Im just wondering if there are going to be nobodies in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days to battle
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    re chain of memories controls

    since this game is coming to north america, wont the controls be different, because in Japan, the attack button is O and jump is X, will the north american version have X as attack and O as jump
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    358/2 days playable characters

    does anyone know if all of the organization 13 members will be playable in kingdom hearts 358/2 days?