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  1. SmilingMuse35

    A Theory on the purpose of the true Organization XIII

    I have been wondering about something ever since Kingdom Hearts 3D came out, and that is, "Could Xehanort have created his own version of Organization XIII just to attempt to cause Terra and Eraqus to no longer exist?" Xehanort did dislike Terra, to a certain extent.
  2. SmilingMuse35

    How can I access different difficulty modes in KH3D?

    So, back in 2013, I completed the Beginner Mode back in KH3D and I haven't played it in a long time. I want to get all of the content that I couldn't get before I ended my first playthrough of KH3D by playing through Standard, Proud and Critical Mode. How can I access these difficulty settings...
  3. SmilingMuse35

    Today's my birthday!

    Today, on March 7th, is my birthday! I want to thank all of you for welcoming me into the KHInsider community more than a year ago! You're very wonderful people and some of the best birthday presents that I've ever received! Your Friend, Muse
  4. SmilingMuse35

    Hello, everyone! It's my birthday today (March 7)!

    Hello, everyone! Today, March 7th, is my birthday! Thank you all for making me a part of the KHInsider Community--you're all amazing and my wonderful birthday gifts! I'm very happy to celebrate my birthday with all of you! Be blessed! I would also like to thank Master Spockanort, Zephyr, and...
  5. SmilingMuse35

    Is it possible to battle Xemnas for a second time after "KH3D" 's main storyline is completed?

    Is it possible to battle Xemnas for a second time after "KH3D" 's main storyline is completed? I completed KH3D 's main storyline for Sora and Riku a long time ago. I accessed portions of the game's post-main-storyline content, such as the secret boss, the Ultima Weapon, a number of Secret...
  6. SmilingMuse35

    How Has KH3D Impacted You?

    KH3D has changed my life. It gave me the impression that the KH Series can thrive for many more years into the future. Also, KH3D led me to my great friends at Square Enix of North America and my friends at KH Insider as well as other parts of the Kingdom Hearts fan community. :smile: So, how...
  7. SmilingMuse35

    Hi, there! :)

    Hello, everyone! :) I'm SmilingMuse35, a new member of KH Insider. You may call me "Muse". I like reading books, writing essays, and writing poetry. I also like socializing with friends, traveling and meeting new people. I'm excited to talk about great topics with all of you! :)