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    Kingdom Hearts Wins a Guinness World Record!

    Since my AntiVirus detected a virus on this site, I didn't check in the forums to see if there was another thread since my antivirus was going crazy. I recently just bought the Guinness World Record 2010: Gamer's Edition and checked out the top 50 game series. Kingdom Hearts ranked 19th Place...
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    BBS rating

    What is Birth By Sleep rated? I'm guessing it's E 10+ since the other games in the series are rated the same. But I have a feeling it's going to be rated T because of the whole idea of Braig losing an eyeball and other stuff. Sorry if this has been discussed before. Has it already been announced?
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Saddest game of the year

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is the saddest game of 2009! Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: Saddest Game of the Year (Link) Who agrees? Also, Kingdom Hearts is the 45th best selling console game of this decade so far with 5.50 million sales...
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    100 Acre Wood in Birth By Sleep?

    If you've seen the commercial for Birth By Sleep (If not then click on the link below) YouTube - Birth by Sleep Japanese Ad Spot In between, You would've noticed Rabbit beside a huge Pumpkin. Well.....rabbit is from 100 acre wood. Sorry if this has been mentioned, but I didn't see other...
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    Help/Support ► How can I get this girl that I have a crush on?

    I have a huge crush on this girl in my class. She seems like she wants to talk to me but I don't have the guts to actually talk back. How can i get her?
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    How many times did it take you to beat Demyx?

    In KH2 when you fight Demyx, is was REALLY hard for me. in 358/2 days he said he was not cut out for combat....but he is! How many times did it take you to beat him?
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    TAV connected with ARX?

    Sorry if this has been mentioned but....... In a famitsu article, I saw a picture of TAV sitting on an edge like ARX.... http://www.khinsider.com/images/BirthBySleep/famitsu_091210_01-02.jpg Terra is sitting exactly like Axel. Since Terra is connected with Riku too, this might mean that Axel...
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days diffrent???

    Sorry if this has already been posted but.... Before Days came out in North America, I watched some Japanese game play and stuff and when I beat days I noticed that Guard Armor was never fought in Twilight Town. But in the game play I remembered watching a mission where Axel and Roxas teamed up...
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    Kingdom Hearts III (Days spoilers)

    I know it's too early to make theories or etc becuase of Birth By Sleep and the whole team being busy, But I was just wondering, Could it be that the orgainization XIII gets restored or something? I just beat days and in the secret reports, roxas says that he knows he's going to have ice cream...
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    Line thing help

    I noticed some users have a line thing after the reply to a thread, they have a line going across the box and underneath is random stuff. How are you suppose to add one :confused:. It looks like this....... ____________________________________________________________________ And then...
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    Uploading Avatars

    How on earth do I upload an Avatar :confused:. I have been searching around for more than 30 minutes and got nothing. :angry:
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    Man in Secret Place

    When you start Kingdom Hearts, in the first few mini-games, you have to find 3 mushrooms. When you get the mushroom from the Secret Place. A man comes out of no where that has the Organization XIII jacket/cloak but it's in brown. Was he Xehanort's Hearless or Nobody....who was he?
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    When does Coded Take Place

    Sorry if there is another thread like this but......When does Kingdom Hearts Coded take place. Before Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories or after 358/2 days??? I don't take much focus on Coded.
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    Terra in American Kingdom Hearts 2

    So I was over at my friend's house playing Kingdom Hearts 2. Soon his bro came and the second he saw us playing Kingdom Hearts II he asked "Have you fought the dude in the armor yet?". First I thought it was Xemnas' Armor Form, but he said it was Terra from Birth By Sleep. He said he didn't...
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    Pics of Land of Departures

    Are there any Pictures out yet for Land Of Departure???
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    Pictures of Ansem the Wise's Six apprentices

    Are there any pictures of Ansem the Wise's Six apprentices Braig Dilan Even Aeleus Ienzo Would their appearance be different from their nobodies...... or the same????
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    Birth By Sleep PSP demo out yet?

    I was just wondering, is the demo for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep out yet? I've seen game plays and stuff, but can it be downloaded?
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    Who was the first organization XIII member to die?

    This is my first post, i didn't know where to put this so i put it here, and I'm not sure if there another post like this.......................who was the first organization member to die?