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    Trombone sheet music.

    Hello. Um, I haven't been to this site in a long time, so i hope im putting this in the correct section. Well, I've been laying trombone for a few years now, and I also got Super Mario Galaxy 2, And when I heard the nice trombone in the Slipsand Galaxy theme, I've been anxious to play it. But...
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    why do some people keep saying that?

    every once and awile i see someones post/theory saying that TAV were involved in the keyblade war, but i don't get how they got that assumpion. even if they only watched KHFM secret ending that still doesn't imply that they were in it, the way i see the FM secret ending is that they found...
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    what KH's composer has been up to.

    for those who did not know, Yoko Shimura(spelled wrong i bet) has made the BEST music nintendo has had in a long time. Yoko did all the music for Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. If you want to hear some of his new music before BbS(if he is doing BbS's too) get this game! Its only about...
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    epic mickey DOES NOT have any connections to KH.

    I really hope this isn't extremely old news. I got todays gameinformer and it talks about Epic Mickey video game. It is now confermed E.M. has nothing to do with KH.
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    post the funniest way....

    Xigbar/Briag lost his eye or got those scars. remember, this is just for fun! I start: we find Xigbar who is now realizing he controls space. He just experamenting away a he suddenly gets the idea of making a space hole to stick his arm in, so he makes this hole and just thrust his arm to the...
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    quinton interview problems

    does any one know a place were someone has the whole quinton interview in text format? Btw, i can't download the podcast, its just too big.
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    just a what if thread

    probly been done before, but here it goes. IF the heartless of the org members were past boss fights in KH1, KH2, Days(maybe), which heartless would go with which member? if you wanna flame or whatever, after your flame comment, put which you think would go with which member so that way, you...
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    youtube problems

    i have went to youtube a coulple of times and every time i click on a movie, i get "an error has occered, please try again later." and i have, every day since last week. i can watch vids from anything else, just not youtube. i used to be able to watch youtube vids before but after i downloaded...
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    FM+ and Re:CoM

    i've got a question. i read that if you have a kh or khfm data on your memery card, you'll be able to change your key blade in re:com. and if you needthe FM version, will it still work with te american verion of re:com?
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    KH1/2 FM translation hack, is there one?

    I try google but i don't have much patience, so do any of you know of a hacking team or a solo hacker who are trying to translate KH1/2 FM's menus and subtitles? if there is than i'll have a good reason to buy the game. (so so so sorry for any horible spelling. Yes, i am a horible 8th grade...
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    Your Favorite ► favorite hair

    whats your most favorite hair style in kingdom hearts? and which one do you want/do have? my fav has to be Xaldin's. and the one i want would be cloud's, i want my hair to defi gravity, too.
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    Whats with Square and advertising? Other games get commercials nearly a month before they are released, but Re:CoM hasn't had any advertising and it is only about 25 days till it is released and no commercials, not even an ad in a magazene. Days got an ad in nintendo power more than a year ago...