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  1. MegaxXxman

    Help/Support ► Is it true?

    Hi there my names MegaxXxman I'm not quite sure how to start this off so I guess I'll just jump in I have a friend that I met when I first got to where I'm living now a few years ago and as we continued to hang out and whatnot we got to know each other better and one of the things we had in...
  2. MegaxXxman

    The Evil within..my head!

    Hi there everybody! So I've been playing The evil within for a while now I'm just about half way I believe and I swear I think its making me go insane myself! Anybody else get that feeling? If so tell me what type of things you see. For now I have to keep following the nurse in the bunny mask.
  3. MegaxXxman

    Anime/Manga ► Phantom Requiem for the phantom

    Hi there, so I just finished this show and I thought it was really good but (oh btw SPOILERS) why does in the zwei kill himself or get shot? I feel like I'm missing something big here and its kind of nagging at me so if anyone has any information please let me know.
  4. MegaxXxman

    Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly

    I just beat the first fatal frame and I had heard that in the second fatal frame there is multiple endings? If there is I'm guessing they have special requirements so if anybody has any information it would be helpful if not "Keep the dream alive" IE live long video games
  5. MegaxXxman

    The armor of Aqua, Terra, and Ventus

    I'm not sure if it has been explained before but the armor pieces that tav wear in birth by sleep how did they get the armor? I know they were not masters when we first joined them but they had them any ideas or theories?