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    Ienzo's aging

    I think it's pretty official that Nomura has zero sense of age whatsoever. I'm thinking it's because he's too lazy of a bastard to even attempt redrawing and redeveloping older versions of the characters. Probably why he's recycling KH1 Sora so much. But anyway, let's take a look at some...
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    Why does everyone think days was such a bad game?

    1-The story is like a bad fanfiction. 2-Gameplay makes Dynasty Warriors appear like Bayonetta in terms of variety. 3-Setting Nobodies up as the majority of the cast is a really nice way to avoid character development - except for the characters you really, really like - even if their Nobody...
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    "Kingdom Hearts 3D is next." - Nomura

    Yes. :3 *opens a bag of chex mix* Please. Argue some moar.
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    KH BBSFM trailer

    Yeah but, I already said that I meant to offend... :3 See, I ain't double-talking around it...
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    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Review on X-Play( Click to Watch)

    Lol. G4. I'm guessing their terms of material use discussions with videogame companies go a lot like "Ok, so here - if you want us to review your game, the starting bid is $10,000 for two stars... Now, if you want us to bump up a star, we're gonna need about $30,000 for each star bump. Oh...
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    Birth by Sleep Final Mix TGS Info (Will have BRAND NEW content, January 2011)

    Something tells me that all his projects...aren't requests. More like shit he crowbars into Corporate simply because of the insane amount of authority he has. Guy has ADD, and has completely lost any sense of imagination or coherent storytelling ever since the fame got to his head. It's just...
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    Birth By Sleep....Best game since KH1...

    The Disney stuff is still very much filler, and the story doesn't even bother to reach the level of...sincerity of the first one - still entangled in that nonsensical web of conspiracies and hidden agendas. But, at least the battle system's fun.
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    WHY is Xemnas looking for Ven?

    World Domination. Or revenge. The only roads...for a monster! Tear.
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    KH BBSFM trailer

    Aw, dude, I wasn't talking about that... :/ I was referring to the bitch-slap fest between the sites when it comes to crediting shit. And truth is, KHI always does this: They always take something from somewhere else, credit someone else all the way out there, then accuse their own original...
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    KH BBSFM trailer

    Welcome to KHInsider. Where shit gets stolen, then is claimed to have been stolen by the thieves themselves... ^^;;
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    KH BBSFM trailer

    Lol, I dunno if this was mentioned before...but that isn't "Ven's new keyblade." It just looks darker cause of the crappy camera quality. :P If you look at the details and keychain, it's still the Wayward Wind.
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    How does Xemnas know that Ven is in the room of awakening ?

    Rofl. I'm gonna safely assume you didn't even bother to read what I wrote cause what you posted was like the epitome of a broken record...
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    How does Xemnas know that Ven is in the room of awakening ?

    I find it awesome how no one even attempts to answer my question lol. Failmura.
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    BBSFM mirage arena has a MONSTRO stage + ventus new keyblade + other general info

    Do that again. :) Please, by all means - accuse my friend Archuro of being a news thief again. :3 Seriously, me personally, I'd love nothing more than complete chaos between the sites.
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    How does Xemnas know that Ven is in the room of awakening ?

    Here's a better question: How does Xemnas know exactly what Ven's chamber look like, or enough to create an almost perfect replica of it for Aqua's armor? Let's say even if the armor divulged details - fact is, Aqua herself was inside the place for like no more than a minute anyway, and...
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    Birth by Sleep Final Mix TGS Info (Will have BRAND NEW content, January 2011)

    Well. Now I'm pretty sure BBS is the last KH I'm willing to put up with. :3 Sorry, but I just don't wanna feed Fagmura anymore. Not when he's completely fucking us over at every turn like this.
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    TGS gameplay vids from Gametrailers!!

    =.= These aren't TGS... They're just from the site update.
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    ventus and vanitas

    He was basically a faceless wraith until Ventus connected to somebody's heart. He's like one of them Fringe shapeshifter dudes. Only without the grisly murder part.
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    Mysterious Figure's Identity? (Theory)

    Maybe I counted wrong, but don't we already have about five dozen of these threads? Is it so hard to keep it contained to one? :/ http://forums.khinsider.com/spoilers/154005-official-mysterious-figure-thread.html
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    Birth by Sleep -FINAL MIX- announced! (Famitsu scans here!)

    Lol. Lulz. Lul. Lawl. Lalwl. Any other variations I missed? :/