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  1. Laine

    American Eagle vs. Aeropostale

    K, me and a friend had an argument about which was better American Eagle or Aeropostale. So i'm taking it to the forums to back myself up. I choose American eagle.
  2. Laine

    PC or MAC?

    ok sry if this was already made but what would u choose?
  3. Laine

    Kingdom Hearts Racist?

    I am not trying to bash kh,because i LOVE kh. But have you noticed thats there is no black people?? The only black beings are the heartless....and they have no heart......just saying.If there is a black person-let me know.(and no im not black)
  4. Laine

    how many save files does days have?

    i need to know how many save files days has. thanks for helping to whoever finds it xD and once its answered this thread can be closed :)
  5. Laine

    What if Kiari was blond?

    ok- like the title says what if kiari was blond? do you think she would act different?i know naminie is blond,but sora and roxas have the same color hair...... idk if this is a good topic...i was just thinking about it for a while lol. dont like it someone can close it.
  6. Laine

    *** Max/souleaters to the MAX Fan Club ***

    This is a fan club for Max/souleater Made by: Ember and ME He's an awesome dude who likes to be funny,random,and gives us some good laughs. So now here' his fanclub! Fav Song: qVk4hgt11nU&feature Honorary Member: Max/souleater Vice Presidents: Ember and me,Keyblayedwielder Members...
  7. Laine

    where has mickey saved you?

    like the title says where has Micky saved you?? in which battles places etc
  8. Laine

    the KH Glitch thread---

    this thread is for the discussion of all possible and confirmed glitches in the kh series xD. so if you know of any just post!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Laine

    when does kh2 final mix come out in us

    so there might be a thread about this but i was wondering....... a friend told me that kh final mmix was coming out soon in the us so do you know when it will be released? once again sorry if there is a thread on this already
  10. Laine

    do you think that kh will keep on adding orginazation members like days??

    do you think that kh will keep on adding orginazation members like days?? just wondering
  11. Laine

    how do you know

    how do you know if someone reps u or nega-reps you!
  12. Laine

    to all the girls out there

    do girls really like guys in uniform. Army,Football,etc. give honest answer:) reason: i have always wondered if the saying was true
  13. Laine

    what the????

    so i had a rep and then i didn't have a rep but then i had a rep and then lost it again!!!!!!!! its annoying!!!!!!!! has this happened to you???? how did i even lose my rep??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  14. Laine

    Guess what.....

    The person who plays ron in harry potter got swine flu. LOL what a coincidence!!
  15. Laine

    in pokemon platinum what starter pokemon did you choose and why??

    in pokemon platinum what starter pokemon did you choose and why??
  16. Laine

    i got a question

    i was watching a trailer for days and in the trailer when the person finished what he had to do it said mission complete. is days going to be a game of missions?
  17. Laine

    who hated it when....

    who hated it when the coloseum in hurcules did not give you exp??? iknow i did. the orb thimg is a joke. who thinks that the coloseum should give you exp
  18. Laine

    does anyone wish kh 358/2 would be on the ps2

    does anyone wish kh 358/2 would be on the ps2. i had to buy a ds lite just for the game. spent $160. i also bought a psp for bbs. but then they backed up the release date. it would be easyier if they put all the games on the ps2. possible better graphics too. if you prefer ds please give reasons.
  19. Laine

    so i just got a nintendo ds. what games should i get besides kh????

    so i just got a Nintendo ds. what games should i get besides kh? i already have a Pokemon game. i kind of want to experience the ds graphics to its fullest. i perfer rpg and action ........ and shooter games
  20. Laine

    what is the best nintendo ds game?

    i just got a ds light with Pokemon pearl. i need some good games!!!