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    Help/Support ► What to think? What to do?

    My boyfriend's coworker's ex-husband works with my stepbrother, and he has been saying that he thinks that my boyfriend has been sleeping around with the ex-wife since he can't get any from me. BF says there is no way he'd sleep with someone who's 40-or anyone for that matter, and I believe him...
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    Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

    Bloomberg.com: Worldwide It really makes one weary of over seas traveling. Discuss.
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    I hate it when they call. I could be sleeping in at 10am, and the ringing of the phone could wake me up. Thinking it was something important I could go and check the caller ID only to find that it is an unknown number. It could be 7pm and I could be relaxing by the fire and enjoying the...
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    Schoolhouse Rock

    Does anyone else remember the Schoolhouse Rock cartoons? We used to watch them at my elementary school. My favorite songs were the adverbs one and "Conjunction Junction."