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    Anyone interested in a BioShock-esque RP?

    So I've recently learned the story of Bioshock, and I have to say that I think the story has great role playing potential. Does anyone else think so? :D
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    The Elementals, Chapter One [Sign Ups]

    Plot; Water. Fire. Earth. Air. These elements have been in existence as long as the Earth itself, and as such, so have the Elementals. The physical embodiment of these [and other] elements. These Elementals have protected the Earth and it's people for ages, and when they died, they were...
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    "The Electronic Wasteland"

    "Where do the millions of computer monitors, cell phones and other electronic refuse our society generates end up?" To answer simply, they end up in China. Millions of "old" computer monitors and electronic devices FROM AMERICA that are supposedly being "recycled" end up in, basically, a...
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    Just to Clarify:

    At the end of Destiny Islands, when the darkness comes and Kairi is standing in front of the door. I'm just wondering/making sure, by that point, had Kairi already lost her heart? Or was she close to it? She did seem pretty sick, or really tired. Or was it after she passed through Sora and...
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    Princesses of Heart?

    Well, a lot of people have been wondering [or so it seems] since the most recent scans of BBS stating that [presumably] Cinderella's "light" grew stronger because of her dreaming nature, which implys that Cinderella's heart was not always pure light, which says what about the rest of the PoH...
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    Gonna be gone for a bit.

    Yep, for about a month actually. I'm leaving for the airport in about 2 hours, gonna visit family/vacation. We'll see how it goes. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll have much chance for internet, but if I do I'll be sure to troll the forums. I should be back around August 17th, so, look for me...
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    Well hey there!

    Hey there! I'm new here, obviously. So...hi :D How's it goin? I r Oathkeeper(: I like smiley faces. And pancake puffs. And all sorts of things of that nature. It's nice to be here! Hi.