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    The meaning of Unbirth

    I've have thought of a meaning for Unbirth and Unborn. Let's review shall we. The meaning of Unbirth is commonly thought to be the opposite of life, I believe it isn't. The prefix 'un-' means not, absent, lacking. The word 'birth' means on to be given life, but it also means a beginning or a...
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    Unbirth symbol variations

    I was watching the Ven Gameplay video from RE: Riplai and taking snapshots and I noticed an Unbirth with a symbol different to the one we know. This raises the question of other symbol variations among the Unbirths. For the proof... The Red Pot Unbirth The "Large Body" Unbirth Now Discuss!
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    Kingdom Hearts BBS & Days Footage Download

    Yup. I know we all love the footage that, the lovely Bittermeats' has supplied us with. Buut... I know there are those of us, whom wish to have this footage, without continually returning to the main page or the source thread. So here is the same footage on Gametrailers! Unfortunately, they do...
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    DK∑7313/TGS08 Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Trailer Breakdown (v2)

    Ahem. *stacks papers* Well for those of you who have read these, this is version 2 of the original trailer analysis. Many of you probably ask Why? Well, I feel like it and I guess I would like to restate and open new and old thoughts and to minimize the amount of wild theories. So this sorta...
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    Unconfirmed Wikipedia VA's Warning

    Ahem. *coughs* I would like to advise members of said rumors about RE: CoM actors. You know the ones from Wikipedia. I would like adress that someone as evidently taken the liberty to place information on the VA's of the following Org. XIII members... Lexaeus—Clancy Brown Zexion—Johnny Yong...
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    Gametrailers - 358/2 Days Trailer Download

    Well y'all I know someone has already posted a download link, buuuuttt here's a much simpler and quicker way to download it. Also it has not been translated. Linkage: Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Trailer Have fun!
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    Gamespot BBS Demo Impression

    For those of you who think you read 'em all you haven't read this one. Gamespot has a more specific demo impression. It all reveals the nature of a new Disney character, who is named incorrectly in the article. Anyway, for those of you who don't want to visit the site, here... For those who...
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    Jump Festa Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Trailer Breakdown

    YAY!! I have it finally done! Yep, another Trailer analysis. This one is for the Jump Festa Trailer. So TGS scenes are included. I find this scene really interesting. Why? Because one, Ven rescued Terra and two, Terra says it happened sometime ago? Well Ven rescued Terra is quite awkward...
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    DK∑7313 Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Trailer Breakdown

    Just to get this clear, this topic is just a breakdown of the DK∑7313 BBS Trailer, have fun reading. This scene is probably the beginning of the game, where The Master (or M) informs VAT of Master Xehanort's and DS's disappearance, while he explains Terra must go to the Enchanted Kingdom to...
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    BBS Bosses

    Okay to get everyone's mind of the stress of things like who really is Xion or who Aqua's love intrest is. This topic shall let your creative juices flow. We know of the Wheel Master, the Trickmaster's dad and Lucifer, Lady Tremaine's cat as bosses, but what other bosses do you think will...
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    Gamespot - BBS Demo Impression

    If you THINK you've read it before, YOU HAVE NOT. Why, because the impressions the Main Page are from IGN and 1up, not GAMESPOT. And I know it is a late, but my Poll Topic gets the I want both answer, so read this and decide. Here it is... Here's the link. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep...
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    Buying BBS

    Would you buy BBS in Japanese, for spoiler reasons or would you wait and Buy the American version? If there was already a topic about this, then sorry for duping it. ~The Enchanted
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    Gamespot - BBS Trailer Impression

    Well here it is, enjoy. It explains some of the trailers meanings, so it should help. But I don't know if some explantions are their thoughts or the truth. Here's the link if you want it. ~The Enchanted
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    This theory I believe has not been used, so before I tell you anything, a word of caution! Anyone who is extremely hyper sensitive to inappropriate things...LEAVE. Found this just now on WikiFur. So if you read at least the first sentence, then you should understand the theory. The Unbirths...