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  1. Epif


    I suppose I should have made this thread before doing things, but I wanted to make sure I really wanted to return or not. I plan on being more active in General Discussion, Intel, Philosophy and Religion, and the Roleplaying sections. I have a full load of college credits for the next few...
  2. Epif

    Interest Check | Character Development RP

    I had a quick idea for an RP, but worry whether it's mechanics make sense or not. It's an original roleplay (though its premise reminds me of Persona), and I've tried to design it so the players have a lot of influence on the setting. Its premise is that the player characters are trapped in an...
  3. Epif

    Co-moderator has been on hiatus for a long time... wat do?

    I've had an idea for a roleplay for a long time now. I worked on it and gained a co-mod. He helped in ways I couldn't have expected. But he's been off line (on multiple sites) for a long time now. I mean, I've also been off this site for a long time, but I'm up on tumblr, facebook, and other...
  4. Epif

    "Indefinite Detention of American Citizens"

    Source: Indefinite Detention of American Citizens: Coming Soon to Battlefield U.S.A. | Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone The article eventually gets on how the wording of the Act has the potential to include members of the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements: You can read more about the NDAA...
  5. Epif

    Off for Disaster Relief Work

    That is, on the 19th. I'll be back home on the 25th or 26th (around midnight) after doing about 5 days' of disaster relief work in Joplin, Missouri. I'm in an RP and a battle (neither of which have I forgotten or ignored), which is why I'm really bothering with a "See ya later" thread. I'll...
  6. Epif

    "Spinal-Cord Injury Victim First to Undergo Embryonic Stem-Cell Therapy"

    Source: Spinal-Cord Injury Victim First to Undergo Embryonic Stem-Cell Therapy - ABC News This is just amazing, and I think this bit of news should be shared...
  7. Epif

    Power Development RP - Interest Check - In Development

    I’ve had it in my mind since the beginning of this thing’s development that the characters would be regular human beings from a RL setting dragged into a completely different one where they would slowly develop powers unique to them. I plan for them to go from something like Lord of Chaos’...
  8. Epif

    I don't know if you noticed or not, but...

    I have been gone for a while... and now, I am back... ... Me Gusta KHInsider Forums...
  9. Epif

    Oe98's Incomplete Collection of Poems

    I'm taking down all of my poems from the Internet, which includes KHI forums. Please send me a private message if you have any comments or questions about this decision.
  10. Epif

    The Pun Club: "I like puns."

    The Pun Club "I like puns." If you don't no what a pun is, don't think you're not allowed here! ^Visual puns are also allowed here.^ Reasons for joining: 1. The first time you saw one, you were like, "Oh, snap!" 2. You see puns as a way two express cleverness. 3. Three really doesn't have a...
  11. Epif

    Stand Up To Cancer

    I haven't found this on the forums. If it's already on these forums, then I guess this thread will be closed. Stand Up To Cancer SU2C is trying to fight all forms of cancer, not just one or two. They're playing now on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. I know these forums are international, but so is...
  12. Epif

    To --

    You're joking-- You're joking-- You have to be joking. What other reason could there be for all your lies? What other reason could there be for my heart, As tender as it is, Be so weighted down by these tears you give me? What other reason could there be for my legs being shackled by your lead...
  13. Epif

    Untitled #(I haven't the slightest idea)

    I'm taking down all of my poems from the Internet, which includes KHI forums. Please send me a private message if you have any comments or questions about this decision.
  14. Epif

    Is Today Today?

    Is it really today? The birds chirp The winds blow The trees sway-- But I just (Is today today?) Have a feeling Something's off-- Today is today, right?-- These songs sound the same And all the books are in their places-- I don't get it (Is today today?) But what I don't get (Really do not get)...
  15. Epif

    It's Awkward Converting... Right?

    The religion I am a part of right now makes sense to me. I don't have any problems or issues with it. However, I have recently been introduced to another religion thanks to the marvelous Internet, and said religion, in a way, "calls out" to me... as though it's the religion that makes sense...
  16. Epif


    I'm taking down all of my poems from the Internet, which includes KHI forums. Please send me a private message if you have any comments or questions about this decision.
  17. Epif

    .:][:. THE DiZ/Riku FC .:][:. "NOT a BFFness Club"

    .:][:. THE DiZ/Riku FC .:][:. "NOT a BFFness Club" ^I can has better image? .:][:. Reasons .:][:. 1. Riku does what DiZ tells him... everything... 2. DiZ was so lonely before Riku came along! ~moar shall be added on~ .:][:. Founder .:][:. Oe98 .:][:. Members .:][:. NumberVIII Reika...
  18. Epif

    What's Canon in the Kingdom Hearts Series?

    I am trying to write a fanfic that has as many canon concepts that are within the Kingdom Hearts series. The fanfic won't have Disey or Square Enix characters and/or worlds within it (save one or two), but it will have characters and worlds from other sources: books, plays, TV shows, movies...
  19. Epif

    The Heartless Before the Apprentices? (possible spoilers)

    So, the six apprentices of Ansem, the Wise created the Emblem Heartless, and (I read somewhere) Ansem, the Wise revealed that what the six had done could not be reversed. Essentially, after what the six did, there will always be Emblem Heartless; I get that (assuming that what I read was true)...
  20. Epif

    The Purpose(s) of the Land of Departure

    I don't understand the point of the Land of Departure... I mean, I understand that Birth by Sleep is the latest game, so most people are probably just as in the dark as I, and if the reason (or reasons) has been revealed in some interview, I simply do not have the time to find it. To me, so...