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  1. _Sketches

    Fanfiction ► The First Incision - A sadistic ZexVex Fanfic.

    This is somewhat sadistic. The second chapter will contain bad language on two occasions. This does not contain any boyxboy action...yet. I'll warn you if it ever does. Here you go. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The First Incision - A ZexVex Fanfic - Chapter One. Screams split the night. The boy’s limp...
  2. _Sketches

    Fanfiction ► Break A Man - A Zexion Oneshot.

    This isn't really about MaruShion, only the pain of everything Zexion feels when they are apart, no yaoi in this one... ======================================================== To Break A Man - MaruShion OneShot. INSPIRED BY THE SONG ‘Savin’ Me - Nickelback’ Tension. The room Zexion sat in...
  3. _Sketches

    :.: Ienzo FC :.:

    I haven't seen a Fanclub for Ienzo, and I feel that one should be made! [More stuff will be added as members arrive!] You can also talk about Zexion, as the Zexy FC seems to be truly DEAD. >.< MEMBERS: thylings ~ UmbraTsuki ~ Watson ~ luna1017 Fanart: Zexion - Ienzo by ~Kaoru-Kina on...
  4. _Sketches

    Bert McCracken + The Used. :Drawings&Pics:

    What it says in the title. I'm banned from the computer [Oh the irony... I'm typing veeeerrryyy quietly...] so I ended up drawing this horrible picture. I mean, the photo of him is hot [:D] but this drawing slightly creeps me out. ._. Uh... enjoy? :D Also, some photos to represent some...
  5. _Sketches

    Fanfiction ► Sharper - A Mar/Zex non-yaoi Oneshot.

    [Sorry for posting this in two places, but i'm not actually sure where it's supposed to go. D:] This idea has been swirling around in my head for a while now. This is not yaoi, it has a bit of violence, angst and a swear word. that is all. Please read, and review if you have an FF account...
  6. _Sketches


    I don't really talk like that. Just posting some stuff that i've drawn/made/whatever. *putting off english essay* What? Who said that? :D Sora KHII: Zexion with roses [Mar/Zex fanart]: Demyx: KH T-Shirt Front: KH T-Shirt Back: My Lexicon for London Expo: Edited AkuRoku photo [I...
  7. _Sketches

    Fanfiction ► Sharper - A Mar/Zex Oneshot.

    This idea has been swirling around in my head for a while now. This is not yaoi, it has a bit of violence, angst and a swear word. that is all. Please read, and review if you have an FF account. Thanks for reading [If you did xD]...
  8. _Sketches

    Fanfiction ► "Something Wrong?" A Mar/Zex Oneshot.

    [ If this is in the wrong place, i'm sorry. Critique is very welcome, but please be gentle, this is my first ever KH story as I never have any good ideas! Hope you like it. :) ] ~ Zexion was reclining gently against the cool grey sofa. He paused and closed his eyes for a second, taking in...
  9. _Sketches

    }{}{ The MaruShion FC }{}{

    Members aren't required to be active, you won't be deleted if you don't post every week, so just relax. Though contributing to keep the club alive is nice. :) Fanart: http://miu-tinichi.deviantart.com/art/Marly-Zexy-tango-107313209...
  10. _Sketches

    |\|\| Zexion/Vexen FC |/|/|

    Welcome to the Zexion/Vexen FC! [These Scribbletars were made my TalesOfZelda on the ONM Forums :D] Er, because nobody loves this pairing aside from me? Seriously, I will edit this to be waaaaay more interesting once I have some members. Fanart, Fanfics and the such like. :P Okay, this...
  11. _Sketches

    Organisation XIII Figures!?

    Why haven't Square Enix made the rest of the Organisation? Why is Axel [and Roxas, if you count him] the only one to be made into a figure? It really doesn't make any sense, as the could easily make the rest of the Organisation with a fair amount of ease [they've pretty much made the body mould...
  12. _Sketches

    _Sketches' Art Gallery ~

    I won't let this one rot away like the last one. Honest. Sorry if i've posted these pictures before, but this is now my official art gallery thread, the other one doesn't count. Some Axel pics [Didn't use a reference, that's why they're a little off.] Sora [Of course I needed a reference...
  13. _Sketches

    _Sketches' Photo Thread :D

    Just a place where I can post KH-Related shizzle without spamming up the other threads! My Axel, Roxas and Me: [And finally, my homemade Axel cosplay :D] :')
  14. _Sketches

    I am extremely confused.

    Where does 'Days come in the scheme of things...? I mean, first comes KH1, then COM, then KHII, does 'Days come before KHII? I'm confused as hell. Because all the Organisation members are alive and 'well' in 'Days, but some were killed in COM... So 'Days must come BEFORE COM...? But then where...
  15. _Sketches

    Just some Axel sketches. :) Oh and Sora too...

    Right. Idon't have a scanner, or a good camera, so sorry for the bad quality etc. etc. Also, I didn't use any references, these are purely sketches. For fun. :) Here's the Sora I was referring to. [I did use a reference for this one, i'm not that great an artist. D:] :)
  16. _Sketches

    Hey there ;)

    Hey there, i'm _Sketches. Just posting to say hello, if you want to talk then leave a message [however you do that, i'm not quite acquainted with this website yet :D] Anyway, Hey there! :)