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  1. Harmonie

    Post-game kinda boring?

    I cleared the story and instantly put the game down. In past KH games I at least had some motivation to at least try to post-game stuff, but this time I didn't. I don't really know why that was. Perhaps it's because I knew that would mean doing the gummi missions, which I really didn't want to...
  2. Harmonie

    The Legend of Zelda | Breath of the Wild

    BoTW 2 was the surprise I didn't know I needed. I loved BoTW so much. I hope this is open world, too.
  3. Harmonie

    News ► Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND DLC Coming This Winter

    I was going into this all like "I'm super picky, they probably won't add what I want anyway" and then I saw playable Roxas and I was completely and totally sold.
  4. Harmonie

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS III remains the best-selling game of 2019 YTD for the fourth consecutive month

    Personally, I'm not surprised because I can hardly name a single game that has come out this year aside from KHIII, but I know that could be just me and my limited tastes.
  5. Harmonie

    April 29th - Kingdom Hearts Union χ ENG Update

    Do they really need people to spend thousands of dollars on medals, and do they really need to charge $15 for each week of VIP? The game's format is purely greedy, it's for a heck of a lot more than mere sustenance.
  6. Harmonie

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3's Critical Mode will be arriving tomorrow!

    Happy that people who want this are getting this. For me, normal mode was frustrating enough, so I'll stay far away from this.
  7. Harmonie

    The Persona Thread (Spin-offs galore!)

    On the other hand, if the Switch version was different, it would incentivize me to purchase it. I enjoy playing games on the Switch thanks to them being handheld and easy to relax and play. TBH, if the different version just comes out on the PS4, I'm not likely to buy it.
  8. Harmonie

    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    I think that the Wii U still has/had strengths compared to the Switch, and that actually saddens me. The Wii U had a fantastic Virtual Console that, in the end, expanded even into Nintendo DS games. The fact that they kicked butt with the VC on the Wii U and then turned around and just...
  9. Harmonie

    What Final Fantasy game(s) are you currently playing?

    I wasn't aware of that, although I was aware it was when the FF series switched from Nintendo to Sony. I don't know if I really even was aware of the FF series all of that much back then. Lol. I know. I was so bad at that game. I've thought about trying it again, but I'd have to buy it again...
  10. Harmonie

    What Final Fantasy game(s) are you currently playing?

    With FFVII coming out on the Switch, I finally decided to give it a try! I only had Nintendo systems back when FFVII initially came out, so I missed out on it. So far I'm enjoying it - the environments being hard to make out the depth of aside - and hope it will be the first FF game I actually...
  11. Harmonie

    New Forum Software

    Is there any way to make the option for icons to be smaller? The hardware has blown my avatar up way too much. I had this problem on another XenForo forum at some point and they were able to fix it there, so I know it isn't impossible.
  12. Harmonie

    What is your PC Specs ?

    Let me see, I always forget. I built this PC to run The Sims 3 and all EPs at max settings. Didn't quite achieve that, but okay. i5 4430 @3.00 GHz RAM: 8.00 GB Graphics: ATi Radeon R9 270x 256GB SSD, 1TB HDD
  13. Harmonie

    E3 2019 Wishes, Hopes and Expectations

    Expectations: Animal Crossing Switch Pokemon S/S Wishes (no matter how unlikely): New Paper Mario like 64/TTYD Golden Sun in some way, shape, or form New Ace Attorney (it seems like it should happen, but they're focusing on the Trilogy HD release right now?) I was so disappointed that we...
  14. Harmonie

    New Forum Software

    Gah, another forum lost to XenForo. =( I always loved vBulletin. Guess I'm old-fashioned. But I don't like XenForo and the fact that minimizing sections never sticks (or is non-existent altogether on this forum), the avatars being slightly blurred, etc.
  15. Harmonie

    Favorite OST?

    Olympus - Thebes Anti-Aqua Twilight Town Kingdom of Corona Ice Labyrinth OST from the Frozen world Scala Ad Caelum Gummi Ship Boss theme Boss theme #3 The Organization XIII 'reprise' themes that played when each member was defeated.
  16. Harmonie

    Who else got emotional when (ending spoilers)

    I was still super irritated that Kairi was kidnapped and had to be saved by Sora and that was the whole reason this even happened that I wasn't too sad. Sure I was like "Aw..." but I was also like "This didn't have to happen. Nothing about this is well-written."
  17. Harmonie

    Personal Disappointments and Pleasures in KH3

    I suppose. But for me the Gummi Ship stuff was just a waste of time and I didn't want to have to do it. It was neat that you were actually flying around in an open space where you could direct yourself where to go, but I just couldn't get myself to care about it. The boss fight music was pretty...
  18. Harmonie

    Personal Disappointments and Pleasures in KH3

    Good things (I am posting spoilers, just warning, I know this is the spoilers section, but still...): Disappointments (Very end game spoiler heavy!):
  19. Harmonie

    I didn't want to fight the final battle alone.

    I was happy when Donald and Goofy were tagging along for the final area/battle and Sora didn't turn around and do his usual "No, this is my battle". It was really sentimental because the whole tone of the scene was that whoever went for that battle wouldn't return, and as Sora was walking...