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  1. Ashes Remnant

    Boom Boom Pow (Challenge to ∞)

    Hope you don't mind the quick and dirty character. Name: Cody “Snap” Sal Other Name(s): S-134 Title: Gunnery Sergeant Age: 34 Race: Human Homeworld: Reach Appearance: His Armor Abilities : He has increased strength, and agility. He thinks on his feet, and is known to be tricky at times. Other...
  2. Ashes Remnant

    Renegade Saviours (Collab feat. ∞ and Ashes Remnant)

    Hello. This is a story the likes of which your eyes have never feasted upon. Myself and Jezza had this idea one night, and decided, since we were roleplayers by trade, to create an intricate series of scenarios to thrust ourselves along with others into. This quickly fell into confusion, and...
  3. Ashes Remnant

    Sabrina's annoying FC!!!!<3<3<3

    Sabrina-channnnn's awesome FCCCC KAWAII! <3 <3 <3 This is for the love and adoration of the queen of Weaboo Island. <3 Members Me Myself I Shinra X-2 Araliya Rapidus Procella Sahrvergnugen Elle-chann Shinkirō ∞ Roa Black Rose Witch Haxon Sawah The Lionheart King Sora X Penance Sapphire...
  4. Ashes Remnant

    Long time, no tag

    Okay, so, never done this style before, and I wanted to try something new. This came out.
  5. Ashes Remnant

    You know you're a KHI-Oldfag if...

    You know you're a KHI-Oldfag if... You remember when the fanart gallery was as popular as the forums. You can quote Annoyance's past 4 names by memory. Kikyowhereareyou You remember the last 5 chat systems we've used before #junes. One word. BHK. When there was only Member, Premium, and...
  6. Ashes Remnant

    You're music to my eyes

    First in what seems like foreverrr. CnC even tho I know it's shit.
  7. Ashes Remnant

    An interesting school project - Need ideas.

    Couldn't think of a better place to put this. It requires thought, yet if need be, please move to FI. I have a school project this week. It's based off of the late great inventor Leonardo Da Vinci. My initial design idea was this. Use a normal bike. Attach some kind of wings somehow to a...
  8. Ashes Remnant

    Years come and go.

    New character needing tested. Well, kind of new. :3 -BASIC- Name: Year Title: Abomination Age: ∞ Species: Reaper Gender: A/A Birth Place: N/A -PERSONALITY- N/A -APPEARANCE- N/A -BIO- N/A -ABILITIES AND WEAPONS- Reaper- With being a reaper, many abilities come. They are that: They have no...
  9. Ashes Remnant

    Ya stick one foot in

    Ya stick one foot out Ya stick one foot in And ya shake it all about
  10. Ashes Remnant

    Lit ► Les Miserables

    Just wanted to make a thread on what is now my favorite book ever. And apparently, the fanbase is decent as well. Many movies, musicals, and even an anime. I'm currently writing a mini-script for a school version. I srsly fucking love this book. Especially Marius and Cosette. <3
  11. Ashes Remnant

    In The Middle of a Ring (Vote)

    Yup, here's the vote thread. lol at the fail dec.
  12. Ashes Remnant

    To Infinity and Beyond (Order Rank Challenge to ∞ for Rank 8)

    The long-awaited showdown between Jezza and Cody has arrived. .:Rules:. No GMing, PPing, or any other such bs. Judges word is law. Location is upto ∞ ??? Profit! .:Restrictions:. Characters cannot be on the giant omniversal destroying scale. More anime/Video game scale. .:Judges:. Prophet...
  13. Ashes Remnant

    If You Touch Me Like That, I'll Bite You Right Back

    Yay for weird titles. Just trying some new stuff. Like always.
  14. Ashes Remnant

    In the Middle of a Ring (Ringleader)

    Yup, battle for Ringleader. Just wanna see who's best in the Center Stage Shop. .:Due:. September 12 .:Theme:. Stock cannot be from generated from a computer, nor drawn. Meaning real life stock.
  15. Ashes Remnant

    New direction

    My feeble attempt at a new style. Not really sure where to go from here, if anywhere. C and C = <3
  16. Ashes Remnant

    Yet Another Celebrity Death

    Yet another Celebrity death today. DJ AM Found Dead in NYC What. The. HELL is going on with celebs and death? Is it the new trend? The new adopting orphans? I actually liked DJ AM.
  17. Ashes Remnant

    Album for the ages

    My possible SotW. Instead of going "OMG IM SO AUTISTIC WITH ALL THES AMZING C4ES AND CLPING MSKS" I decided to go with a meaning behind the album cover. CnC. Be mean.
  18. Ashes Remnant

    Parade is on Fire

    Pressie for King Sora X. Cause I'm bored. CnC it so he feels bad. :D
  19. Ashes Remnant

    Big Wiggly Style (KSX)

    I wanna fight chu. You get first post, and location and such. Doesn't really matter much. Also, this is me versus KSX. NO OTHERS. Name- Ankuko Age- Appears to be around... 17 Gender- Female Personality- Ankuko has a very... Kind mind, and as such follows, a kind personality. A fun sense of...
  20. Ashes Remnant

    Rockstare (WIP)

    Yeah, I just dunno what to do now. Looks slightly gay and empty to me. =/