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  1. bluefroggygirl

    BBS release date?

    Wasn't it confirmed a long time ago that it was coming out on the seventh or something? Because at the end of the English trailer, it said September 10th :l
  2. bluefroggygirl

    Ven's bracelet

    If Roxas' bracelet/rings were coloured black and white to represent light and darkness, why does Ven have the same bracelet?
  3. bluefroggygirl

    Too much KH2 hate?

    Why does everyone hate on KH2? I'm still on my first playthrough of the game and I love it a lot more than the first game. I like the new fighting style and how the worlds are bigger and prettier :3. The only thing I find wrong with it is that Sora wakes up from a year of sleeping and acts like...
  4. bluefroggygirl

    Theatre Mode?

    Does KH2 have a theatre mode?
  5. bluefroggygirl

    Riku & King Mickey?

    I just finished playing RE:CoM and at the end of Reverse/Rebirth, we see Riku and Mickey leave off together. But what happens after that? Because in Days, Riku isn't with Mickey anymore. Did the two somehow separate? And when exactly did Riku get this blindfold of his? Or is this never...
  6. bluefroggygirl

    Ven Braig relation.

    I haven't spoiled myself too much with BBS, but I was just wondering if Ven gave Braig that 'drowning goldfish' look, like how Xigbar had explained it in Days about Xion?
  7. bluefroggygirl


    Has nothing else been said about why Roxas looks so old in this picture :o?
  8. bluefroggygirl

    Which one was harder?

    The original CoM or Re:CoM? Also, if you have played both, which one took longer to beat?
  9. bluefroggygirl

    Coded Episode 8

    Roxas, Xion, Axel, Namine, Aqua, Terra and Ven are all connected to Sora's heart and Sora will have to eventually free them right? Does that mean we'll be seeing Roxas and Xion in future KH games ;O;D!?
  10. bluefroggygirl


    Ok, i'm just confused a bit about this little bit, are Xehanort and Master Xehanort the same person?
  11. bluefroggygirl

    Riku's hair

    soo... i was just wondering that since a lot of CoM happens in the time frame of days, how did Riku's hair get so freakin long O.O!? i mean, like at the end of CoM he's all short haired, right? then you see a cutscene in days and it's like BAM! maybe riku has a weave D:? stupid question...
  12. bluefroggygirl

    what exactly is coded?

    just want to know exactly what coded is from what i know it's a game on the mobile phone. But is it only available in japan? and why does everyone keep talking about episodes? is coded also some mini tv show or something x.x?
  13. bluefroggygirl

    how old do you think everyone in O13 is?

    I couldn't find a thread like this so sorry in advance if there already was one D: . And this is obviously not the right place for this thread, i didn't know where to put it :S SO! I know Nobodies don't age, blahblahblah. But like, how old do you think they would be if they were given an age :o?
  14. bluefroggygirl

    BBS song.

    KH1 + CoM - simple and clean KH2 + days - sanctuary will bbs have it's own song or will it be one of the two old ones ;o? and also, will it be made by the same woman (Utada, or something like that :S)?
  15. bluefroggygirl

    will axel roxas and xion ever have ice cream again?!

    will axel roxas and xion ever have ice cream again?! ;(. they better, or else i'm going to need to slap someone! they are by far my favourite trio and they should come back in future kh games :)