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  1. Sweet Genocide

    I'm back.

    I was probably gone half a year or more.... The site looks mostly the same. What's up with the EXP? That's new to me. Also, I don't recognize anyone here... >.<
  2. Sweet Genocide

    My Birthday

    It is today but most of my friends forgot since it is the same day as thanksgiving. Happy birthday to me...
  3. Sweet Genocide

    Im 'gonna be lazy with posting for a few days.

    Got my wisdom Teeth pulled today, meds are keeping me pretty much knocked out. Good stuff.
  4. Sweet Genocide

    Haley Joel Osment.....

    I think he is gonna sound weird as hell in Re:COM. Haley Joel Osment doesnt sound the same as he did in KH1 and COM takes place directly after, Not quite enough time for Sora to have hit puberty. I just dont think he will sound good for the age he is portraying this time around.