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  1. Lonelyness21

    Aqua Command Deck Recommendations ~

    Currently playing as/training Aqua and would like some Deck recommendations, mostly for all three decks. One for Mirage Arena One for Multiplayer One for VLS/MF Oh and I'm currently in Arena Level 26 I believe, only missing one more Stage to beat [The Level 20 one] and the Medal ones, so help...
  2. Lonelyness21

    How to unlock more Mirage Arena Levels?

    I'd like to know how to unlock more Mirage Arena levels. Currently I just beat the "Harsh Punishment" one with Iron Prisoner III and no other one shows up. I finished all three stories and Final Episode on Critical so I don't think it has to do with fulfilling storyline... Thanks in Advance~
  3. Lonelyness21

    Regarding the PSP Bundle Issue

    Many people, if not everyone who has gotten the PSP Bundle of BbS has experienced a fault with it in which at random points, for no apparent reason, it opens up the Quit Screen the Home Button on the PSP triggers. Well, I also got the PSP Bundle and I had never experienced this until today. It...
  4. Lonelyness21

    Official Mirage Arena Thread

    I haven't seen one regarding this so I decided to make my own! This would be mostly for discussion regarding your experiences in Mirage Arena and just general discussion about the topic really. Let's see, a topic to start with. What color did you make your character's armor? :3
  5. Lonelyness21

    Apparently now you NEED to have it Pre-Ordered to get it!

    I saw a couple of posts here mentioning some GameStops selling it a bit early so I decided "Hey, what the heck, calling never hurt anyone" So I called, and after I asked this was the guy's reply. "Oh, no, but the game will be on sale this Tuesday on the 7th, you know that is if you have it...
  6. Lonelyness21

    Multiplayer!! Who will you choose?!

    Hey There!! To those of you that will be playing on Multiplayer when this game comes out, which of the characters will you be mostly using and why?! :3
  7. Lonelyness21

    Is this true?!

    I found myself talking with someone about the New Secret Boss and two different people replied with this "When the team was going to test it in a beta version they created, they fought it one time and then they didn't dared to fight it again." "I read from an interview with Tetsuya Nomura they...
  8. Lonelyness21

    Critical Mode!

    Who else here is going straight to Critical Mode once they get this game?! I sure am!! :3
  9. Lonelyness21

    New!! Sort Of!!

    Hey there! I've had this account for quite a while now but never really used it up until now, so, yeah I guess I'm sort of new here! Hope to be part of some pretty nice discussions and meet a lot of awesome people! :3