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  1. Hex Girl17

    ~*Xeon{Myroku} Fanclub of Fantasticness*~

    ~*Xeon{Myroku} Fanclub of Fantasticness*~ Hello my name is Hex Girl17 and I created this fanclub for those who love and appreciate my big brother the lord of vampires, the ruler of dragons, the one that should have his fanclub remade. The great Xeon{Myroku}!!!! *appluase and cheers* My...
  2. Hex Girl17

    My Brothers Story - Blood and Love.

    Okay, this is a shorty story my brother made in his college English class. For those of you who don't know who my brother is, it's Xeon{Myroku}. Yes he's my big brother. I read his story when he got it back after it was graded and he made some changes afterward and I think it's really good. So I...
  3. Hex Girl17

    Hi Hi :)

    Hi, I joined here before and I left for a while. But I decided to come back for a bit and I noticed I never made one of these at all before. XD So I'm saying hello to everyone.