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    Useful Information

    Wow, it's been a while since I started a thread. Anyway, there's some extra information from that new Nomura interview page if anyone didn't notice. I believe Olivia at Heartstation translated those parts where it talks about the Xehanort Report locations and such. It does contain some spoilers...
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    Theory on ATW

    I think when Ansem the Wise's machine exploded, he turned into data and was transferred into Jiminy's Journal, hence what's happening in Coded so far. He is actually "Riku" in Coded and I think in the secret ending that's himself manifested as data. Just like how Sora got out of the data world...
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    Secret Boss

    does anyone know anything yet about that secret boss everyone's talking about?
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    sorry if someone else made a thread on this, but did anyone notice little Kairi standing behind Aqua in the scan with King Mickey at I think radiant garden. Any thoughts? I thought it was very interesting.
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    The List of Popes(St. Malachy)

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to know what everyone thinks about St. Malachy's prophecy of the Popes. Just to refresh everyone's memory, in the 12th century, St. Malachy prophesized(don't think that's spelled correctly) the last 112 popes on his way to Rome from Ireland. As of now, the current...
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    Next Coded Episode

    hey everyone, sorry if someone already asked this but when does the next episode of Coded come out i thought it was gonna come out this month but it's already the 19th(hard to believe) and the episode still hasn't been released:dizzy:
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    Question about yen sid

    hey, i know that yen sid's name is disney spelled backwards, but didn't he have a name in whatever else he was in, i'm not sure what movie he was in, i think fantasia, but does anyone have an idea if he had a name before kh close this when you deem necessary
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    next episode

    when does the next episode of coded release
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    new scans

    has anyone noticed the scan where ven is in a world with tepees. does anyone know what world that is
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    MX's eyes in trailer

    If anyone on the forums was at tgs, what was the color of MX's eyes at the part where he was sitting on a throne while terra and aqua were talking to the samurai guy. Since he was a respected man at the time, his eyes shouldn't be yellowish since he hasn't fallen into darkness yet I'm just...
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    xion and xigbar

    i'm sorry if a thread was already made about this, but does anyone know what is said between xion and xigbar when she resembles ven in that one scene
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    secret ansem reports

    i was reading through one of the secret ansem reports (i forgot which one) and i believe ansem the wise says that sora and xehanort were the only ones to return to their original selves does this mean that xehanort could still be alive in hiding somewhere i'll try to look for that report again...
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    heartless of the organization

    does anyone think that the heartless of the organization members(other than xehanort's and sora's) will play a major role in the future game kh3 i think they will since they haven't been introduced yet and since they would still be somewhere in the kh universe
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    (Spoiler KH 358/2 days) the meaning of the title

    does anyone know the meaning of the title yet, or is that something we will find out later
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    the ds,aqua, and #14 in the organization could be related. The ds could be aqua's heartless and #14 could be aqua's nobody. the ds battling aqua in the final mix+ secret trailer could be a fight over something more than a battle, much like sephiroth and cloud(i know sephiroth is not cloud's...