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    What is a Heart?

    This is something I'm kind of confused on, because it seems the series can't decide what exactly a heart does. My biggest question is this: Does a heart equal consciousness? We all know that Xehanort came to be after MX transferred his heart into Terra. From what it appears, MX had effectively...
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    Vanitas Unmasked (Obvious spoiler here, folks)

    When I found out Vanitas' true identity, I became really intrigued with him as a character (even moreso than before), and decided to draw this. It's a far cry from my usual style, which is usually very hard, rough, and sketchy. What I'm going for here is a replication of Nomura's style, so all...
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    Sora and co's appearance in their next game

    This has been something I've thought about a lot, and wondered what other people of the board thought. More likely than not, KH3 will certainly be about Sora, and most likely, Riku and Kairi. I think it's definitely been hinted at and is the most logical step to have a game where they are the...
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    So, is Dual Wielding Roxas supposed to suck, or what?

    So, I was filled with ecstatic glee after unlocking Dual Wielding Roxas for mission mode, as I could finally be that level of bad-assedness all the time. It was SICK in the story mode, so naturally, I expected it'd be just as awesome in mission mode. ...Well, what gives? It takes like, five...
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    Maian's art (Watercolor/Sketch/Tablet art)

    So, after owning a tablet for nearly an entire year and not getting any use out of it, I finally cracked down, bought two books, and started to get to work. I thought I'd share what I have here. Aside from exercises, I usually only draw something I'm into at the current moment, which right now...