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    sora or riku?

    soras it was a lot longer
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    namine of course SHES BLONDE.
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    movie quotes

    think of your favorite quotes from movies or TV shows. MINE IS from Futurama "And I no sooner return it then I would my little cocker spaniel dog Checkers. *barks* Shut up damn it!!!!!
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    did you notice

    what happen to pete and malificent when they said to sora "go on a head we will take care of the heartless". And thats the last time you see them in the game. or am i misstakein
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    Kingdoms of the new world

    Long time ago, when the land was still new. There were two worlds one is the world we know now no one lived here, it was know as the “forbidden waste land”. The other one was called Flowtras In this world there were these six kingdoms of power. Each one of these kingdoms had a Great Being or GB...
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    Least Favorite Charactor in KH2

    i hate donald because he always dies on me and i also hate mickey when you can use him because he always dies on me too.
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    song thread

    post songs or music videos that you think are awesome dont matter. but if it has cussing in it keep it at a minor (meaning no more than five cuss words in all), no real bad spoilers, and no sexual scenes (in other words if you wouldnt want your parents to see dont what your watching, please post...
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    Who's hair is better?

    i say mine lol i really pick riku
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    a big problem

    one of my friends tells me that when she logs in it says she has been banned for life. i was wondering what i should tell her. can someone give me some answers?