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  1. vincentr0th

    Would a Vulpes Party with second chance friend medal inv me(even if only temporarily)?Marluxia Ev.

    i am struggling with beating the last few marluxia stages,would really appreciate it,even if you kick me after im done with the event immediately :cool: if you wanna keep me i would ofcourse also be happy to oblige XD
  2. vincentr0th

    didnt play since forever, what to buy

    i didnt play since like week 2 of the english launch(phone broke and once i got a new one i didnt feel like it anymore 》_《 ) now i wanna start the game again. i got 10k jewels in my box from maintenance and such, what should i buy with those, if anything? the 10 6* deal sounds nice but...
  3. vincentr0th

    which Quest to spawn Darkside OMEGA?

    which of the (current) endgame quests would be the best to farm in order to get these to appear?
  4. vincentr0th

    Mythril Gems?

    I wanna upgrade my Keyblade and need 1 more,the Guide List says its from a random drop in a chest at mission 47? ive done that 10 times now,no Luck. any other ways to get them?
  5. vincentr0th

    Title meaning

    Unchained X,eh?One of those Interviews/Infos Said something about us getting to See the beginning of the war...and according to master Xehanort X represents Death.Unchained Death seems to fit right in with the wars result,no?thoughts on this?oor other interpretations of the title?
  6. vincentr0th

    Kairi's Letter in Different Languages?

    So i wanted to Print a Shirt with as many Versions of the Poems as possible, and i thought fastest way to compile em is on here. i have english and German: Thinking of you, wherever you are. We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend. Now I will step forward to realize...
  7. vincentr0th

    I just had an unsettling Flash of thought...(theorycrafting)

    What if the entireness of KH is a sleeping world? a sleeping World is always replaying its final Moments. All we have Seen of KHs current Universe is Part of Xehanorts keybladewarreenacting plan. a world consumed by darkness Turns into a sleeping world.the original world got consumed by...
  8. vincentr0th

    Where to Order the Memorial Ultimania?

    Hi there, where should i order it?the only option i have seen is playasia,and i do not like them(they sent my package to the wrong place 2/5 times :/ ) thanks for your answers :P
  9. vincentr0th

    Darn you,wicked Monstrosity called technical problem >:(

    For some Reason,my browser refuses to open the game screen:( everything functions,but when i log in i see the ad for event cards in the lower half and thats it.no error message no nothing:(
  10. vincentr0th

    Would you like Sora being able to upgrade his chains like in here?

    I wish i could make the Road to Dawn more useful in DDD... also, should it change appearence via upgrading? as reference: this is how it looks like in X
  11. vincentr0th

    pics with the neoshadow locations,in case someone wants to add them to a guide or something

    This is the 1st district(west of plaza) and here the 2nd(east of plaza)
  12. vincentr0th

    I just solo´ed a Raid Boss :D

    was totally worth 60 ethers!
  13. vincentr0th

    Moogle shop:Single Sora for 600,or enough lea-Isa's for HP?

    Title says it all.Which is the better Investment?
  14. vincentr0th

    what do i need to do for this mission?

    killing ten random heartless did not do the trick...
  15. vincentr0th

    Why did they choose the Faction-Animals they did?

    So i was wondering,why those 5? if we take a look at the Rebirth-Theory.i guess the Bear is quite obvious,but what about the others? i am not very versed in animal based symbolism,and there might be other traits associated with em(especially in japan) but are the Snake and Fox not usually...
  16. vincentr0th

    Your Reaction if it´s revealed that Xehanort is Soras Grandpa,uncle,w-ever?

    Since Xehanort was seemingly born on Destiny Islands,he might be connected to Sora,or maybe.more likely,Riku. Now imagine our Heroes find out about this tidbit of Information during KH 3,what do you think how they will react? maybe it will even effect how the DS-saga comes to an end: like,Sora...
  17. vincentr0th

    New Unicornus speaking!

    Was hoping some Unicornus player would take me into their Group :D i am level 15 now and have quite the blast so far!will try to be on at least once a day.see you in shibu-erm Daybreak town:P