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    Crazy Theory

    Okay for those of you who have beaten the game you know how Kairi has her own keyblade which means she is a weildier well since Namine is her nobody does that mean she is a weildier too( Just like Sora and Roxas)?
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    Auto Reload Trouble...

    Ok I'm getting ready to fight Xigbar and I want to switch an item in the auto-reload position only thing is that i can't do it the item i want to have auto-reload is an elixir but I only have two items on AR (Potion and Mega-Potion) so how to i swap item's in the AR postition?
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    FF Advent Children

    Okay guys don't flame me but what is the name of the FF character that is dressed all in red that has a gun with 3 barrels (I haven't played any ff games before but im gonna start now)?
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    Kh and Kh2 quotes

    Everybody i was wondering if you could help a member out by saying quotes from Kingdom Hearts or Kingdom Hearts 2 that really mean a lot to you, the reason i am doing this is because at the school i go to we have a last year assignment to come up with a favorite quote that we have for people to...
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    names of roxas keyblades

    what are some of the names of roxases keyblades?
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    who likes rock?

    my favorite band is guns "n" roses and rob zombie what the heck u guys listen to?
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    What does Riku look like in kh2?

    I've been wondering how he is actually gonna look in kh2 like i know he wears the org. robe now but can anyone give me a pretty accurate description?
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    What should I do?!

    Ok i can't afford kh2 and i am gonna go crazy if all my friends keep bragging about this and that about the game what do i do in the meentime until i can get it?
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    Character question...

    What is the name of Ariel's little pet fish the yellow and blue one?
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    2 character questions

    What is the name of Hercules girlfriend and who is that girl with the brown hair that is friends with Leon (not Yuffie the other one)
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    What exactly is deep dive?

    I here a lot of people talking about "Deep Dive" what is that?
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    When u switch around the letters Roxas name spells XSora...what does this mean?!
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    Freking Huge Battle!!

    I saw a clip from some website while ago and sora, goofy, donald have to fight about 10 million heartless any ideas about this battle?
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    [b]Gigantic Battle?![b]

    i saw a clip of a freking Huge battle and sora, goofy, and donald are the only ones there in a sort of purple pit place anyone know what it has to do with the story?
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    Anti drive form?

    Is that when u fuse with the heartless?
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    How many drive forms are there?

    title pretty much explains it.
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    How do i customize my own forum page?

    the title pretty much explians it i mean like pictures and stuff like that
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    How do i customize my own forum page?

    how do i put pictures of my favorite things when i respond or make a thread?
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    Best games so far for Xbox 360?

    Which x360 game do you think is best so far?
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    Xbox 360 best games so far?

    In your own opinion which is the best game for x360?