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    Nomura on the title of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8, 0.1 in Kingdom Hearts 3

    Decimals, decimals everywhere ... Man, this is why I love KH. From what I understood, 0.2 is just a shorter version of 0.5, so no important (story) stuff is left out (I hope). I doubt they'll go back to BBS vol2 now anyways ... Still awesome stuff.
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    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Screenshots and Info

    A DDD HD remix was to be expected sooner or later (The X Cutscenes too) ... But WOW! They're actually making BBs V2 ... a lot of people are gonna love this (It's about Aqua after all). I still can't ... *heavy breathing* Good thing I never had a 3DS to begin with, and I gotta buy a Ps4 for KH3...
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    How's everyone enjoying it?

    That's the good thing with KH2 imo, everything can become easier as you fight more, experiment and hone your skills (guard timing is a must). In comparison, most boss fights in other titles just seem cheap ... especially BBS' secret bosses that are more about luck (or exploits) than skills. You...
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    Atlantica stuff and going for it

    Re: Atlantica stuff and going for it. Actually one can dodge that attack simply by dodge rolling, reflect also works. And the reaction command doesn't deal damage at all, but Sephy is open for attacks afterwards. Best way to deal with this (if taking that much damage is not a problem) is to...
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    Rank the Superbosses (KHI)

    Since KH1's superbosses aren't that hard in a normal playthrough, I'd rather rank them at lv1 (1 being the hardest): 1- Sephiroth 2- Xemnas 3- Ice Titan 4- Phantom 5- Kurt Ziza I'd rather see everyone's ranking of Data XIII, but that belongs to another thread I think ...
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    Data-Axel is destroying me.

    Sora indeed fights Axel alone.
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    Blue Trinity marks ARRGH!

    Gravity, just like gravity break and zantetsuken do not only damage him but also stun him. The stun effect is actually the most important here because it will keep him from swinging a laser blade at you mid combo ... And since gravity can be used at long range, using it is the best strategy in...
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    Final Mix Journal Glitches

    2 possibilities: - Garden of assemblage (Data XIII) chest. - YRP chest
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    So... who controls the Heartless at this point? And why?

    Re: So... who control the Heartless at this point? And why? I thought Maleficent was overpowered by numbers? But they kinda made it clear the heartless followed Maleficent when she confronted Saix (which is why he had to take care of those heartless first). It's true Nobodies can abuse the...
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    So... who controls the Heartless at this point? And why?

    Re: So... who control the Heartless at this point? And why? Oh ... don't remember that, I guess the heartless were just following orders from both ends then (depends on who's closer I think), until Maleficent went poof. Maleficent is stronger with darkness, but she can't impose her control...
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    So... who controls the Heartless at this point? And why?

    Re: So... who control the Heartless at this point? And why? Heartless only act on instinct (with 2 exceptions) and obey the strongest in their immediate vicinity. The organization was using the heartless until Maleficent showed up, they then obeyed Maleficent until Saix's nobodies took care of...
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    Explaining Ansem-the-wise's "Deus Ex Machina" KH encoder

    Yep that's about it; but remember, this is all speculation based on in-game stuff ...
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    Explaining Ansem-the-wise's "Deus Ex Machina" KH encoder

    So, as I played through that part, I noticed a parallel that could explain what happened better than "he did say anything could happen" -First, how Riku regained his normal form: The encoder's purpose was to "absorb" Xemnas' KH in the form of data; however, AtW miscalculated and KH couldn't be...
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    Where is this picture from?

    I think that is hook's ship (KH1), and Namine susbstituted Kairi with herself. Edit: Ninja'd
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    Realm of Darkness

    First, that place looked nothing like the RoD. Sora obviously don't know what it looks like, so he just assumed he was there; Jiminy then recorded it as such. But let's not forget Sora and Jiminy are not fool-proof. In his reports AtW refers to the place he was banished to as "the realm of...
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    The World that Never Was

    Try to learn his moves, and block them! But if you're really having trouble, use trinity limit > limit form and he's toast.
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    Poll:Opninions on the time travel mechanic

    I don't dislike Xehanort's time travel (can't say I like it either), just because it was explained well within the game itself. It also explained some things (MF, Xemnas & Ansem SoD returning, and Xehanort's insight) while keeping all the other games' stories intact. I mean, come on! This is...
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    Maleficent involvement

    MX told Maleficent in BBS, that by bringing the PoH together one could rule over all worlds (which is a lie I believe as the PoH can only conjure the DTD ... among other things); thus letting her fulfill the 7 lights requirement of the X-blade in case the Ventus-Vanitas plan fails. While...
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    HELP in Wonderland :O

    Wow, being stuck on this boss for so long is weird ... I'll try to help though: - jump when he smashes the ground, use dodge roll for everything else; - jump on the table whenever you can, then jump towards the boss and combo it! (use the chair as a stepping stone if you're having trouble); -...
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    What bothered me about Sora and Organization XIII

    I think a more or less accurate representation of what Jiminy's journal actually holds is the "story" part of each world. The rest is just for the player's purposes (I can't really imagine Jiminy going through the trouble of keeping track of every minigame high score, hit count, random floating...