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    Region settings for ps2

    I just got my Ps2 from Thailand and i brought it back to America.It played original ps2 games just find, but when i try to go online it said region error -833 or somthing like that.is there a way to change your region settings?oh and my ps2 is a slim version.
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    Is Asia's Birthday

    ASIA'S BIRTHDAY THREAD Yeah is my birthday so anybody who gives a (censored wrd) can leave a comment here.
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    Is Asia's Birthday

    Yeah is my birthday so anybody who gives a (censored wrd) can leave a comment here.
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    _-+=The Shortythugsta Fanclub=+-_

    This thread is dedicated to the cocky arrogant crazy headed and somewhat generous to me but im not sure about u shortymgnugsta.Now to join this fanclub eiether post or leave a comment as i well add u when i get on my comp which is like eiether every weekend or WTF how the hell should i...
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    Page loading prob

    Everytime i try to go to gamerenders now the page will never show up. Is eiether just loading there or eventually say error loading page. I've seem to be having problems like this all the time with almost evry website. Please help
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    Under the cloak

    What do u think the organization members look like without there cloaks? Do they have bad sense of fashion? Do they drees like a 3yr old iono
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    Who plays kh2 for only disney character?

    Iono bout u but i look forword too both FF and disney character. So for me is even on both parts. If u play kh for just disney anf ff tell me how does it feel that some crazy character invaded ur fav character world.
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    FMA beginning songs name

    ok im doing this for no reason but if you can guess the bands name and the song u win. Iono what u get i might make u an ani or a sig iono i just want too see if people know.
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    Hard bosses

    My first playthrough in the game is on proud. No bosses were hard except Xaldin and Sephiroth. Sephiroth took me like 2 tries Xaldin was harder so it was 3 :P. Anywayz these are the only bosses that gave me any challenge. Tell me which boss atually stop u for a bit. Xaldinnnnnnnnnnnnn u...
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    Is *tr* birthday bitche*

    Ok is *twilight riku's* birthday. Just say how much u dont care make him a tag or two be a lazy ass mtf.Just say happy birthday to him.
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    ok dubded sancturary

    A member from khu has jut dubded the intro with santurary and i got to say is pretty dam* good. prt1 http://youtube.com/watch?v=1Aedk42Xh0A prt2 http://youtube.com/watch?v=yvrZznyBmFY
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    what is kh?

    Since so many pople have played the game i think to many ideas have been tosss in.I want to see how dif people explain the world of kh and the story line.BY doing this i believe i am saving a memory to A PRECIOUS GAME.So just give ur recollection of the story and characters as u see fit.I am at...
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    kh2 voice actor interview

    Ok finally we get to hear Roxas dam* voice lmao anywayaz here are some interview with the voice actor Sorahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNc2kIJSew8&search=David%20Gallagher%20Interview%20Kingdom%20Hearts%20two...
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    has there been an english passion/santuary for download yet

    Has santuary been heard or downloaded
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    what would you rate sephiroth as a boss form 1-10

    I give sephiroth an 8.He wasnt the hardest i ever fought.
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    Anybody got a complete list of ability?

    Does anybody have the whole list of ability i feel like i put combo minus.
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    Caant tell if it is proud easy or normal

    Which one on the new game screen is proud normal or easy?I am getting very frustarted with all this so can someone help me.
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    Wait kh2 in widescreen

    Sopmehow after fighting Sephi and died and i press continue i had widescreen can anybody tell me what happen.Is it a glitch.
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    anybody got VBA kh com save

    Dont get all cazy cause i am asking for emu save i have the game but i sold my gba and i dont want to start over.Can anyone give me there kh com VBA/visual boy advance save thanks.
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    Why does Diz believe he can change hearts into data

    If you can understand japanese in kh2 Diz think he can change the heart into data.I want to know why can i get an answer