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    Tears in Heaven

    A very sad song by Eric Clapton its a very good song as well my school band played it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rx-4CiBmIPY&search=Tears%20in%20Heaven
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    "I Would Like to Buy a Hamburger"

    i didnt know where to put this so im putting this here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz0IT4Uk2xQ&search=Pink%20Panther%20 i cant stop watching it!!!!! its so funny "i would like to buy a damburger" ha i even put it in my sig
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    FFXlll for PS3

    i dont know if this is new or not but check this out... http://www.ffinsider.net/news/1146243223.php again sorry if its old
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    Sorry If This Is Old..

    I thought Christy Carlson Romano who played Yuffie in the first KH played her in KH2... She doesn't. The voice for Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender does http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mae_Whitman read the last part again, sorry if its old
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    HAHA This is Funny...

    well, i beat KH2 last week and i never saw the commercial for it. all my friends did and they dont have KH2. so yesterday as i was watching tv, the commercial came on and i was like :eek: Great! watch the commercial after you beat the game. to me that is pretty funny. has this happened to...
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    KH2 Goods

    sorry if this is old but here is a link to some KH2 goods the products are cool but the prices are ridiculous http://search.store.yahoo.com/cgi-bin/nsearch?catalog=yhst-6484889671099&query=Kingdom+Hearts+2&Go.x=27&Go.y=20
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    LE Strategy Guide

    you know how some people say the LE strategy guide is $30? well at walmart its like $18!!! this thread may be be pointless but i just had to share this there is an art book, a fold out and much more!!!!!! there is 224 pages o yeah here's the link...
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    Who Thinks They Have Been Waiting...

    Who the heck thinks they have been waiting for KH2 very long and deserve a copy right now!!!!? i do dammit post your reply because it'll be greatly appreciated i know it wouldnt happen but what if
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    How did you hear about......

    how did you hear about kh and then after you beat the game how many of you people were like omg :eek: i cant wait until kh2 even though it was like 2002/2003 im gonna say it before anyone else does this thread is pointless but im just curious i got it because my dad got me ps2 for Christmas in...
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    Who would You Rather Have In Your Party

    Like the title and why. i would want to have Riku and Axel(i know Axxel is evil:rolleyes: ) because they would be a wicked combination with the fire and.........well Riku!
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    Limited Edition Questions

    i have a couple questions about the LE kh2 and guide what's included in the giude? what's included in the LE kh2? if you know please post because if a guide is about $30 it has to be good thanx
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    Favorite Drive Form

    i dont know if this has been posted but........ what's your favorite drive form, mine is final
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    Favorite Drive Form

    ri dont know if this has been posted but............what's your favorite drive form?
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    Your Favorite Order Member

    Whats your favorite order member and why? mine is Axel-hes cool to the 5th power:D
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    *If You Are an Anti-Spoiler Gamer for Kh2 only!*

    how many people want to wait for kh2 to come out in march for the us? if you are you dont want the game to be spoiled for you when you get it? some people are posting spoilers in the non spoilers section and it really ticks me off! so if you are with me, reply please
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    Your Absolute Favorite

    What is your absolute favorite thing of Kingdom Hearts 1, CoM, and KH2 .weather you think a character is hot to you think that a keyblade is cool. post your opinion. me, i like the whole kh thing (only when donald and goofy keep on dying and you have to figt yourself):mad: