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  1. Z

    Im Back

    Hello everybody im back from my rest lol Last visited : 10 feb 06 well i have heard about the new games that are comin really cool well just nice to be back here i guess LOADS of new members have registered and i wanna know u all lol well see ya and sorry for posting it in the wrong...
  2. Z

    Back at the road again lol

    Hey ! im back at the forums again lol ( not really big news ) but i went to canada and came home not long ago lol so i see KH2 came to europe :P i saw it in the store well wateva u KH nerds =D lol just kidding anyways nice to see you guys again lol and new members aswell =):nahnah: have fun !
  3. Z


    Well.....its time to say goodbye.....the point is that im leaving...nobody likes me here anyway there is always something with me thats wrong for example the thing with enchanted rose.....well everybody hates me here so what am i to do...:( well take care everyone....grow up and be nice...
  4. Z

    Haha !

    look at this video....:p http://youtube.com/watch?v=SSMF5zogs1c&search=kingdom%20hearts%202%20voices
  5. Z

    KH2 europpean release date !!

    look at this it says Q3 also next month :) source : http://www.gamespot.com/news/2006/05/19/news_6151568.html?part=rss&tag=gs_&subj=6151568
  6. Z

    what is this ?? lol

    http://www.gamestop.com/common/images/lbox/802275b.jpg im gonna buy it..it looks like its special codes for kh2 :p
  7. Z

    axel !! please help

    hey i was just wondering if anyone could give me some axel pics like when u see his face or see him from the front just gimme lots of axel pics please hehe :) Thanks :) Zora......
  8. Z

    allright :( i know i posted the excactly same thread yesterday

    i only need 2 more orchicalcum to make the ultima weapon but where are those 2 well i went to sunset terrace then i found one and to the tron world and the computer mesa and in the brink of despair i found one and it says i have to beat a new day is dawning in atlantica but when i do this it...
  9. Z


    where do i get all the oricalcum+ they say i need 13 to make the ultima weapon but i only have 3 :( please help :)
  10. Z

    sephiroth ?!?!?! How high lvl ?

    hey im just wondering: how high level do u have to be to beat sephiroth Im in lvl 50 so how much higher do i have to gain ?
  11. Z

    kingdom hearts inverted hearts

    look here just download a demo its a fan made kh game made by me and some guys on www.the-mousehole.net click the link and click on the logo to download http://the-mousehole.net/KHIH/KH-IH-Demo.htm EDIT: its a 2d game and it kinda suck but its kinda funny 2 :D
  12. Z

    Lol !!!

    lol look at this :p http://disneyshopping.go.com/DSSectionPage.process?Merchant_Id=2&Section_Id=14377&Product_Id=194470 its not that funny but i was just thinking of it what if they sell kh2 in disney stores :D
  13. Z


    u know in twilight town when u get to struggle with sora i dont understand how u can battle with others than hayner coz i beat him lots of times but i dont get to fight seifer or any others yet :( pleease help :)
  14. Z

    AR MAX question

    u know the ar max cheat disc well i got the USA version of kh2 and i live in europe and have to use swap magic to play it and now then im planning to buy the ar max disc to do those awesome codes but there is just 1 problem ( i think ) and its like if im buying the ar max in europe does that...
  15. Z

    I Did It ! :)

    i beat kingdom hearts 2 hehe on 6 days :( anyways i think the ending was kinda sad :( but man it was cool when they came to destiny islands and all that and it looks like they are hinting to a new KH coz u know the secret ending and that letter from the king......! hehe
  16. Z

    Long time left ?

    is it long time left in the game when i just was in twilight town and the pride lands and now i just came to another twilight town and then axel died :( and now i got tru a portal to the world that never was so is it long time left ? coz a guy yesterday said that i wasnt even close to beat the...
  17. Z


    allright when i came on this site today it said "khinsider kingdom hearts 2/3 news so why does it say kingdom hearts 3 news ?? is it confirmed :) ?
  18. Z


    Well i started on proud mode and got to the twilight zone boss in the awakening but i couldnt beat him :p but then i just started one file on standard and then i overwrited the proud save so i cant see the secret ending on standard ? but what i mean is i have already seen the secret ending on...
  19. Z

    1st POS lol

    http://www.spelbutiken.com/norge/php-bin/front.php?kat=ps2 scroll down and u can see a list and there is kingdom hearts 2 on the top wheee and its a sweden site :p
  20. Z

    Swap magic thing

    HEY :) does anyone know what is happening with the swap magic thing coz when im going to use it with a cd inside the tray i use the slide tool and opens the tray and excactly when im pulling it to the right side the cd makes this nas car sound lol it sounds like a car or some fireworks can...