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    this saved my kingdom hearts experience.

    Riku took me ages, I remember how excited I was when I finally beat him. Maleficient took no time at all :/ She was fun, though. Although after beating Riku I felt like I could take on the world!
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    And Japanese people have really small feet! I have really small feet myself and when I went to Japan I was estatic to find so much variety in my shoe size (:
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    If you could be any animal in the world?

    What would you be? I would be a sloth. I believe simply by being a sloth I would be instantly content with life. I mean, check this guy out, he's so happy and he's in a box.
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    My friend rapped over a Kingdom Hearts II sample. *MUSIC VIDEO IS NOW OFFICIALLY OUT*

    Re: My friend rapped over a Kingdom Hearts II sample. Hahaha that is hilarious your friend is sooo flat.
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    kh1 hints and secrets

    It could be Disney Castle?
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    Work Stories!

    this is my first topic, if i'm doing it wrong... be gentle. Although I understand this forum has a young member base I'm going to take out the assumption that alot of you must have jobs, atleast part-time. I work part-time as a croupier at the local casino and I have more stories to share...
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    hello hello (:

    hi everyone i decided to nerd it up and join your forum. i hope we can all become fast friends. (: