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    when does the demo come out?

    hey guys i want to knowwhen the demos of kh2 is coming out and where because im like i need it its temptation i heard rumors tat its coming out on september in the official playstation magazine is it true? :confused:
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    who want to talk about theyre worst momments?

    heyy i know this is kinda stupid but im bored what was your wordt momment?
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    sora looks better in kh1 or kh2

    i think sora looks better in kh2 :D
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    Lets talk about ourselves BULLSH*T!

    heeeeeeeeeey wassup pplll am just doin this so instead of the specific thread youll just do anithing here insult argue throw talk anythi and i mean ANYTHING!!! :D
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    new theme song?

    do you guys think that KH2 would have a different theme song? i hope not i like simple and clean :p
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    whos your favorite character?

    mineis sora mickey rikku kairy and axel.
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    do u think sora and kairy would have a relationship?

    hey umm dou think that sora and kairi would have a SERIOUS relationship or they gonna stay like friends? i think they are gonna have a serious relationship.
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    Do you think that garnet married Zidane?

    I really don't know but do you guys think dat dagger married zidane and had babies and stuff like that???
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    is it true that captai jack sparrow is coming out in KH

    is it true that captaian jack sparrow is coming out in KH2?