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    UHM I WAS BROWSING THIS SITE www.youtube.com when i saw this vid of KH2 secret ending i just thought i share this to every body http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeWve96E-Lw&search=%20ending%20of%20kingdom%20hearts%202 see for yourself the past or the future of kingdom hearts a rising keyblade war...
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    wow! did you hear?

    jow bout Mage Drive for donald fusion? Brave Drive for goofy? AND the most powerful of all DISK DRIVE! 3 1/2 floopy
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    wow! did you hear?

    how about HOLLA DRive? huh>?
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    Uh oh...Where's Aerith?

    Ei where is rinoa by the way?
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    Riku and Mickey Revelation

    eh? are those clothes hypo allergenic? does it cause rashes and allergies of some sort ?
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    Kingdom Hearts II survey

    1. yes 2.yes 3.yes 4.yes 5.yes 6. yes 7.yes 8.yes 9.yes 10.yes
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    Huh? What's this?

    O_o? eh? i wish i could listen to it too =(
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    i like ffvii advent children but????

    hello! :) the square enix and square soft did it very nice in advent children! but my question is where did those 3 bandits came from? wth was Cloud's swords called? where's his wings? is doing 7 times of braver the only way to silence the demented sephiroth? i think...
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    what the heck ? all of the sudden pictures of hikaru utada starts to fill the thread O_o?
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    Disney coverage of SE party.

    wow its japanese!! uhm its nice thanks for posting the link ^^
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    new kh2 cd

    Is there really a Kh soundtrack Cd? well if there is let me have some!!! gimme gimme gimme!!!!
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    Walt Disney Knowing about Kingdom hearts Is it real!

    i dont like the idead walt disney would bw placing those things around specially why are they hidden so i can conclude taht you should post those pics huh thanks
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    Wheres Riku?????????

    i can say is that riku's role to this sequel will be surprising and not many can predict what are his plans to fight along sora or fight against him, to think about sora i think he's gotten a bit cocky with his new strength and powers that is only my opinion
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    KH2 info king

    oh you think so? uhm i was wondering if tidus's disapperance from destiny island was connected with FFX? also to the appearance of Auron in KH2 for FFx-2?
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    KH2 info king

    zeke uhm i was wondering if leon squall was featured in KH1 as an adult why did they featured selphie in KH1 as a kid? aren't Squall and selphie related to each other? so selphie should also be an adult????
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    I got it... why sora knows twiglight town:

    uhm they may look the i other peoples interpretation but we still cant say if BHK is sora's other half of his heart, but your theory sounds nice its a good start
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    Look-a-Like? 0.0

    uhm they do have the same appearnce i agree also =) nice resemblance
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    Should I get Final Mix?

    on my idea you don't have to buy it..... the only diffrence between english version and the japanese one is that the extra bossess and some stuff but the whole rest of the story is there..... heck even if i can afford buying it i wouldn't knowing i'll have a hard time reading japanese and having...
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    D.d Crossroad Scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yup both are the same
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    gonna fly?

    i sure hope so that soar will fly again he's gona need it:mad: