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    What the hell happened here?! Yes hey I'm back =D

    I leave you guys for 3 years and this is what happens?! What's wrong with everything, where is the chat room??????? And now I can add friends wow =S facebook much?? Anyhow I'd like to say Hi to everybody, many of you won't know me as I've left the fourms for 3 years...so yeah that's it =| OLD...
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    Hey everyone I am back.....

    So I did not log on for about a year now, but decided to pay you guys a visit...So hey every1
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    International languges

    This thread is dedicated to teaching international languages, so everyone is welcome to join the classes taught by our teachers. Sign-up if you want to join. To sign up just post in this thread. The classes that are going to be taken are: Spanish Teacher:KL German Teacher:Need one pm me...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3

    We all know that in KH2 FM there will be a new secret video,so does this mean that KH3 will be made in the future? You know like deep dive and ASAS in kh and KH FM the secret endings, so are the same endings in in KH2 and KH2 FM relate to a new game?
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    Would it be cool if Vincent is in the game

    Would it be cool if vincent is in the game like cloud and the others, you know and he would give you his cebreues relif keychain then you would get a new keyblade like ............. the cebreues keyblade.
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    KH3, movie and game.

    You know all Final Fantasy games, where they usually make movies for them. So I was thinking why do not they make KH3 a movie then turn it into a KH game or make the game first then turn it into a movie. So what do think?
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    World similarties in both KH and KH2.

    There are worlds in KH as same as KH2 I mean has the same concept and enviroment. Trazan=Pride lands Alice=Beast castle Neverland=Port royal Travlse Town=Twighlight Town If you know other worlds then post them.
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    Something still not answered in the Pride Lands.

    Do not you find it weird in the Pride Lands when you defeat scar, Simba regans control over the pride lands and the ground is not green as it is supposed too. Where is the grass? I know that this really stuiped but I still can not understand it.
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    King Mickey can not be summouned!I am ending this!

    I know some cheat sites say that King Mickey can be summouned.I made this thread to stop this nonsense and waste of time.I know some people will say we all know this,okay I agree that all of us know this, but there are member who keep on bring this topic up. Okay here some pointes to show that...
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    Axel is not Riku's nobody!I am ending this.

    You know all the threads that says that say that Axel is Riku's nobody,will I made this thread to stop this madness and waste of time. Here I have some pointers I would like to say for why Axel is not Riku's nobody: 1.People say because Roxas is Axel's best friend ,like Sora and Riku well it is...
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    This the blackest night fan club. BN can make anyone happy he is a friend of all. He is a great member. So join the BN fan club.
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    You could join the fds fan club here for who ever likes FDS. Plz join.
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    Xemnas nothing!!

    Well you know the part where you fight Xemnas the last time in the cyber space he says weird things but one thing attracted me he said exactly :(But will we nothings do.) This makes suspect that there is a third race of evil.Heartless,Nobodys,and Nothings.Well think of it a little we defeated...
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    KH3 character maker.

    Well i made this thread were you can create a character for kh3 here is an example: Name:sora Age:15 Gender:male Wepon:Keyblade Hair colour:brown height:1.5m Clothes:Black t-shirt , black funky shoes , black pants Bio:Happy,serious. Please make your creations sesenable. Lastly have fun.:)
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    Are you ready to spend 4 more years?

    Are you ready to spend 4 more years of your life waiting for kh3 even if it was confirmed is anyone ready to stay 4 more years waiting for a video game seconds pass like hours, days like months and weeks like years so are you ready? I am sure ready by an easy way imagine there is no kh so time...
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    What is your favorite co-op move?

    What is your favorite co-op move? [B]Will mine would session it is way cool sora and riku the best keyblade masters in one pack![/B]
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    What has kh2 given you in life?

    What has kh2 given you in life? I mean the moral lesson kh gave us. Mine was to not to get angery quickly.
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    could it be?

    Maybe the secret video is just a flashback in kh3 of the past and that sora will be the main character!!(MAYBE) plz do not flame me it is only a thought i had. and the chracters are sora riku and kairi coz the kings letter is a new adventure for sure the villian might be zexion!!
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    What worlds would you like in kh3?

    What worlds would you like in kh3? You can say up to 23 worlds. nemo jungle book 102 dalmations lion king 2 robin hood lilo and stitch summons to 5 summons maximum geni mushu kiara and kufu
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    Do you play kh2 as you used to do whaen you bought it?

    Do you play kh2 as you used to do when you bought it?:confused: Me not as often i am trying to beat some other games! By the way tell me your oponion about my sign and new avtar! sorry for the wrong spelling*when* thanks