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    come here to tell me what u would be like if u were an organization member post here

    My guy would be master of dual axels and fire.Blue eyes, jet black hair,persuasive,and quiet.His name would be xalik.what would yours be like?
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    I need help on how to beat Sephiroth if u have tips tell me them please!

    Im level 52 dont have glide and cant beat him.When he attacks I block and attack its a good enough stragety to make him have fire around him but he does the orbs come and he attacks in a way that I that it says to block and i dont have enough time if u have any tips please tell me them.:D
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    Does anyone know how to beat sephiroth if so tell me how

    I have a good stragety in my head but i keep dieing when he attacks by swinging his blade I jump and fall down right into his attack and i die, plus when he flings me in the air and teloports to attack me i cant get out of it . When i get out of it im in the air and he does the attack where u...