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  1. J

    Kingdom Hearts II: #3 best selling game of the year

    The latest sales data from NPD has been released, and it appears KH2 was the third best selling game of the year in the US! Here's the top 10 in full: Top 10 Game Sales 2006 1.) Madden NFL 07 (Launched: August, PlayStation 2) - 1.8 million+ 2.) New Super Mario Bros. (Launched: May, Nintendo...
  2. J

    Famitsu: 39/40

    Looks like this game will be well worth the wait after all :) I did assume though it would get the full 40 marks, I wonder where the other one was?
  3. J

    Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty

    She seems to appear in the first screenshot. I hope this hasn't been posted yet, sorry if it has :confused: http://www.kh2.co.uk/image.php?view=up75697.jpg
  4. J

    Will Ariel be a party member again?

    I know Atlantica is set out like a musical, but I was wondering if it would still be optional for Ariel to be part of your party. Judging from the screenshot in my sig, she takes part in the music games at least...
  5. J

    Kelly Clarkson

    Anyone like her? I do :D 'Breakaway' is a fantastic album, one of the ones I keep playing a lot lately. Going to see her in tour in February too, cannot wait :D
  6. J

    Tron last 'Surprise World'?

    Judging from that information, there won't be anymore new worlds. However, does that mean no more worlds at all will be unveiled? Or will past worlds such as Neverland and Wonderland still have a chance of being confirmed? I'm assuming if Captain Hook's voice was confirmed, that's a sign at...
  7. J

    Mario Kart DS

    I believe it's out in the States already, not out here in Europe though :( What's it like, was it well worth the wait and are the online features great?
  8. J

    The Da Vinci Code

    Discuss anything about this book right here :) I've only just reached chapter 19 so far, but it's a fantastic read, for some bizarre reason it reminds me of the computer game trilogy 'Broken Sword'.
  9. J

    Predictions: How many units will Japanese game sell?

    I think no doubt, that this game will outsell all the other major releases that week. But how many units do you think it will sell in it Japanese release? I'm gonna guess 331, 594 units.
  10. J

    Fanfiction ► Other Sides of the Worlds

    Okay, I decided to write this, for fun :D Some of the characters included are my friends on Live journal, they're not real depictions though xD Anyways, here's the Prologue. Prologue “Your majesty!” beamed an eccentric Donald. He’d just entered through the big bold door, which led to King...
  11. J

    Who here is British?

    Everyone on here is always talking about the US date for Kingdom Hearts 2, kind've makes me feel left out :( So I was wondering, how many Brits are on this forum? One here :D from Wales!
  12. J

    Best Disney Movie?

    What is the best Disney film ever created? Hmmmm, The Lion King I reckon :D
  13. J

    Shin Chan?

    Did anyone watch this show, I watched it one day, and was on the edge of my sofa in tears...I can't bear to think what the original Japanese version is like, that would be more than insane.
  14. J

    What is your fave anime ever?

    Mine would have to be Spirited Away, as a film. The most beautiful, dazzling, imaginative creation I've ever seen. Fave Series would have to be Cardcaptor Sakura, Kero is one of my fave characters ever!
  15. J

    Revolution Controller. What dya think?

    I've seen pictures of it, and the trailer. I can honestly say...I love it! Nintendo really are defining the word 'Revolution' and are sticking to their word about coming up with new innovations for gaming. Of course, I should wait till I actually use it, but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!
  16. J

    I wish they carried on with the KH manga...

    I wish they would've made more, it was so effing funny! It looked like a really intresting manga, as it combined Disney and Anime!
  17. J

    Am I the only one who liked Atlantica?!

    It seems lots of KH fans hated this world the most :( That's a shame, I thought it was the best world! Being a mer-boy, it felt like a big step in the game, because of the freedom of the swimming!
  18. J


    Heylo all! I'm Andy, I've just joined, and I look forward to spending time on this forum. I first discovered Kingdom Hearts via Chain of Memories, which convinced me to buy a PS2. Then I was provided with the greatest escapism ever... Anyways, nice to meet you all! :)