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    Riku n Vanitas

    Welcome to the forums. I think you're right about them having a connection, there's alot of evidence pointin towards it but i dont think there's any chance of them being the same person :D
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    Typical Rankings

    Oh right Lol I don mean this to sound rude but since when did mixing brown and purple make blue? ^^
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    Typical Rankings

    I dont really agree that Ven is a mix of Both, Ven's more of a speed freak if you ask me XD
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    Another famous voice?!?!?!?!

    I think the guy who voicedGenesis Rhapsodos would be a great choice for one of the more sinister characters in KH. Also does anyone agree with mee that Genesis would make a great side boss for BBS, much like the way sephiroth was in KH2 since FF:CC was based in the past and so is BBS. P.s...
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    Ven, Aqua, Terra's Future

    ven - stays young in a museum under the title of "the living sculpture" terra - gets killed by the king for pimpin out minnie aqua - hits the bottle and ends up in rehab after her 3rd child MX - now resides in an old folks home vanitas - works his ass off to take care of and support 3 kids...
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    Who are you gonna play first in BBS?

    ven cause i wanna see how it came about tht he is roxas' spit
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    Rikus eyes

    Can anybody clear this up for me? In kh1 Rikus eyes were blue yet in kh2 his eyes were green :S Isnt it the case that if somebody who dabbles too much in the darkness then their eyes go yellow? sorry if this has been posted before =P
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    Which Order Are You Doing?

    i'll probibly go aqua last, and start with either ven or terra, the reasons being terra meddles in darkness (KOOL!:D) and i also want to find out the connection between venn, sora and roxas
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    Master Qualification Exam

    I personally think that if the MQE is the Awakening then its quite messed up that sora and roxas have to take the test pretty much as soon as they recieve the keyblade