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  1. An intro to C++?

    I've never taken any programming classes ever in my life nor have I actually even been in a computer class. I started learning about the summer and the only book I find useful is the one from Jesse Liberty and I became irritated from having to return to the library every five days. Rather than...
  2. Ubuntu

    So I'm two years late, big woop. I've just started using Ubuntu and it's actually not too bad. I've been tampering with RedHat all this time but Ubuntu definitely blows it away. Need some suggestions for what to add on.
  3. Einstein's Dreams

    With the exceptions of the interludes, the theme of this book is very abstract. I'd recommend the book for Philosophers, theorists, and possibly those whom detest long novels.
  4. HandMC

    They have many names (i.e. Haikara, HandMC, HaMC, H&MC) but lengthened out, we know them as High and Mighty Color. Its members are Maaki (main vocal), Yuusuke (Screamer), MEG (guitar), SASSY (drummer), Kazuto (guitar), and mACKAz (bass). Enough about the damned band history, most of you know...
  5. Defining a "Hardcore Gamer"

    Let's look into this term with as many technicalities as possible, shall we? A "hardcore gamer" is a person who has much trivial knowledge of video games. Wait a minute--there are people who know quite plenty of trivia from video games and they do not play games on a regular basis. Let's...
  6. T3h uber wedding: QuiteJaded and TwilightSora

    Magnifico. Bah, screw the french. We stand here today on the alter of KHInsider Forum Marriages today to witness the matrimony of QuiteJaded and TwilightSora. HAH, not yet! Who can ever have a wedding without a Bachelor Party? Bachelorette and all too...(just no male strippers or the men will...
  7. What happened to Wakka and Titus

    Tidus went to play blitzball. Wakka commited murder and was sent to jail. Later, the original Destiny Islands flooded and the two died. That's what happened to them. In other words, they're not important in KHII and they have no role.
  8. Sanctuary

    You're just defined Kingdom Hearts fanatics in a nutshell. Who else would like Passion more than the people who are determined to play KHII? It's just devotion. Which concludes my thoughts on how Hikki's JUST a newbie Jpop artist. EDIT: UGH, My typo was so off.
  9. Sanctuary

    Yeah, I've finally taken the liberty to freely say Passion's not too great. Seriously, there are better Jpop artists and better songs. I wasn't too enthrilled to this song prehand its first audio appearance.
  10. Sanctuary

    Just mute the damn television screen and keep playing.
  11. Sanctuary

    You see, you're finding it as though our hatred is at pinicle standard as of now. Do you see us with pitch forks? I find most of us to be quite apathetic to it, if not disliking.
  12. Sanctuary

  13. Sanctuary

    Thank you. Let all the Kingdom-Hearts-fanatics realize not everything is perfect.
  14. Sanctuary

    I need to comment on this horribly rendition of Passion. Seriously, I can still ever "mina" bursting from the back. I regress now. I have too much to say and none good. I'll stick with Passion and just simmer down.
  15. Which Kairi Outfit is better?

    You're a girl right? Then it's not as understandable for you. Japanese schoolgirls are hot. Undeniable.
  16. Which Kairi Outfit is better?

    I would kick everyone's ass for only having Kairi's school uniform, which is as close to a Japanese schoolgirl's uniform, to only have 3 votes. Damn it, how hot does that get?
  17. Level up bonus

    HP - If you can Card Break and cancel any attacks, why bother raising your HP if you're going to be protecting it? You choose HP if you're a coward and afraid to be hurt. Sleights - Why would I waste a level to learn a move that I use very rarely? Stocks are my card breakers but I could stock...
  18. Shouldn't the English Passion be out now...

    February 22nd, the same date Crystal Energy is released >.> *cough*nevermind I believe that's the correct date but I am uncertain. Then again, I'm fine with my Jpop REMAINING Jpop.
  19. Rate the Profile above j00

    Aw maw gaw! The person above me gets a 0 out of 5 for not trying >.> Format: Profile picture rating Biography rating Interests rating Occupation rating Overall rating As in: The guy above me Your profile picture is missing. I give you a 0 You have no biography You lack any interest You do...
  20. Starting Stats in KHII

    Remain ignorant, then.