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    Caption Contest

    Who won, it ended a month ago, I wish to see the results of which one is the funniest. WHO'S WITH ME!
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    Areku23 BBS Theory

    Hello, I want to create this thread to get this off my chest. I have had a ridiculous amount of theories. My first theory is concerning Terra, It is clearly stated in many trailers that he is losing to the darkness in his heart from searching for Xehanort or Xehonort corrupting him. He will...
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    Loose Ends

    Hello. Has anyone else noticed that there are a few loose ends to be tide up. First off, I want to get this one out of the way, A Thank You for Namine. Sora never did get around to that. Secondly, those letters at the end of the games with the kings seal which are an excellent hint for a...
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    Christmas killed the mood.

    Halloween town, the world inspired by the classic stop motion movie the nightmare before christmas. That was honestly one of my favorite worlds. The mood held true to the movie. I loved that eerie creepy feeling I got as I walked through halloween town. And then came the second game. Christmas...
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    Too much revealed.

    This is a thread for people who have played 358/2 days. There shall be numerous spoiler that you might not have figured out yet from all the stuff that they reveal in the trailers. Anyway, does anyone believe that they reveal way too much in the trailers. Like this for example. When Namine was...
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    BBS Heroes resemble Drive forms

    I just noticed some similarities between the Birth By Sleep characters and Sora's drive forms. Terra is like Valor minus one sword of course. Plus when they do a ground slamming attack, the blows have pure energy bursting out of them. Ven is comparable to Wisdom simply by the way the keyblade...
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    A BBS Thought.

    Now as all of you know Birth by sleep is a prequel coming out for Kingdom Hearts in late 2009(hopefully). Now a lot of information on this game has been kept from the eyes of the public. All that has been revealed is the basic plot, a few main characters, and some Disney characters. But then...
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    Isn't it ironic.

    As everyone knows, a heartless is made up of the darkness in ones heart. Therefore, a heartless is in theory, a heart. The heartless are what heartless seek. But this makes me wonder, if Xemness wanted to be complete so badly, why didn't he just seek out his heartless, if a heartless is in fact...
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    Never got it memorized

    Now this might be a silly idea. But does anyone really pay attention to ANYTHING Axel says when he wants us to memorize something. Because anything he wants us to remember has almost nothing to do with the game. Does he ever have anything important to have us memorize? So tell me, DO YOU HAVE...