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    im leaving

    You Guyz Are Completely Rude You Have No Respect For Me Except For People I Dont No Besides Ultima Has No Respect For Me Stupid Mod I Hate Her
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    Dont Read This

    ok i need a kingdom key for my gf the keyblade has to be metal and it has to look like it plz someone help!!!
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    Dont Read This

    [reverse phsicology] ok i need a metal kingdom key plz give me a like to the most fine looking kingdom key you can find cuz my gf is like "OMFG I LOVE KH" and ive looked anywhere i can look but no good keyblade and its ok if its diffrent but it has to be metal!
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    Maple Story

    this time im going to sort things out in the other thread it was a little cunfusing so this time imm going to sort it out neatly...:glare: server: name: level: class: ok? now mine is sever:bera,scania,windia name:kh1finalmix level:16 class:magician
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    Maple Story!!!!!!!!

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    hey rd plz

    have you guys noticed the one with the cracked helm is the tallest and the one with the cracked helm is the one who picks up the kingdom key and he has blue eyes and brown hair? im starting to think hes sora:idea: WHY ISNT ANYONE SAYING ANYTHING edit because all you ppl are froobs and noobs!
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    ummm i know this doesnt really have to do with kh2fm but do you guys notics that one face on the scans of kh2 final mix its tiny and when you zoom in on it it looks freaky
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    im back if any of my friends dont read this.........i forgot anyways im back and wanna say hi to evryone
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    i dont think this question is answerd

    is sora ever gonna be on super smash bros brawl becuase i searched th web and found no official information of sora on nintendo wii:closedeyes:
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    did anyone notice this

    in the world that never was the part where you fight saix if you look on the groundit shows some pics of the orgonazations weopons ond there was zexions but it was destroyed and i havnt beat com so does zexion die 1.who could of destryed it? 2.did zexion die? and thats it sorry if this has been...
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    come and take a look around

    post here all your glitchesor anything unusal that happened in the game k min is sora froze in mid air on a boss battle
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    I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF FIGHTING SARK IN SPACE PARANOIDS(left caps on sorry) and sora just dies but it doesnt show the continue or load file and then sora just stays in mid air :mad:
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    You Know

    you can flame if you want but i was bord so every body make a list saying "you know you played to much kh,kh2 when and so on sorry if this hasas been made before you know you play to much kh,kh2 when u have a thing for red hair girls(expeirinced) havin a door key and aiming it at the door and...
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    if you like crafted keyblade come here

    :D heres a link to most of the keyblades in kh2 i thout they were cool. http://search.ebay.com/kingdom-hearts-keyblade_W0QQfclZ4QQfnuZ1QQfsopZ1QQxpufuZ1
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    whos weapon is best in kh2
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    i know this is weird

    is this in the wrong section any way post all your trouble trying to get kh2 mine is... i had to pre order it very earlywhith out parents knowing put in every spare change in my pocket into it so it took me to completely 2 months early to pay full pricenow parents dont know that i got kh2 cuase...
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    whos best pair is strongest
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    dont read

    does anybody have any kh2 screen savers:confused:
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    any body need buds

    beacuase idont have any friends runs in the corner:(
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    can i have some pics of kh2 keyblades incuding fenrir?:o