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    Help/Support ► Laptops: Vaio vs. Alienware

    I've been thinking about getting a laptop for a while now and I need help choosing which one to get ;_; The two that have caught my eye are a Alienware M11x and a Vaio laptop, although i'm slightly leaning towards the Alienware due to it having better battery power than the Vaio laptops i've...
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    ||=The Inception Fanclub A.K.A The JGL and Tom Hardy appreciation club=||

    Warning! If you haven't seen the movie yet, please be aware that there might be spoilers. ||=The Inception Fanclub=|| ||=What is Inception?=|| "Dom Cobb is a skilled thief, the absolute best in the dangerous art of extraction, stealing valuable secrets from deep within the...
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    Creepy people on facebook

    IDRK where to post this but gawd, this is killing me rn. My Mom got this sent to her by someone she had never knew on FB- "Hi,i saw your profile as soon as i laid my eyes on it, I felt something inside,I dreamt about me and you, Wishing that when I wake it would come true. You have been on my...
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    The Haunted Mansion (Remake)

    Comic-Con: Guillermo del Toro announces 'Haunted Mansion' remake for Disney | EW.com Sorry if a thread for this was already made, but I am so excited for this rn. I really hope that Emily (Beating Heart Bride) will be in it :C
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    Alice: Madness Returns

    TrjXLlsoPlI Alice Madness Returns : American McGee's Alice 2 - EA Games "Alice: Madness Returns is a dark action-adventure experience that turns the classic Alice tale on its head. Players will follow a grown-up and deeply disturbed Alice as she battles her madness and attempts to regain her...
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    PSP3000 or 3DS?

    Hello~ I've been thinking about getting a new handheld and I was originally going to get a PSP3000 since I already had a DSI that i've only had for a year. But then, I saw Nintendo's E3 conference with all the new games for the 3ds n' such and now i'm torn between the two. Both have games i'm...
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    Portal 2

    "I think we can put our differences behind us. For Science. You monster." - GLaDOS Portal 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed first person action puzzle game Portal. Currently scheduled to be released for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, Portal 2 takes place hundreds of years after the first...
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    Simple's Doodles

    *Beware! Pictures are huge D:
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    ~*)The NomuRoku Fanclub (*~

    ~*)The NomuRoku Fanclub(*~ Because a love as true as this should never go unseen~* Picture from Grass~ *~)Reasons why this should be your OTP(~* 1. He ruined a whole game, just so that his love could be revealed for the world to see. THAT is love and dedication right there. 2. Nomura...
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    Is the PSPgo really that bad?

    I've heard people say "OMG THIS SUXX" and "This is such fail" but is the PSPgo really as bad as everyone says? I'm quite aware of the ridiculous price but the fact that you can get three free games now actually sort of makes up for it imo. And the no-UMD thing sounds great so I don't have to...
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    +(-The Mijumaru A.K.A DERPDERP Fanclub-)+ Because this GQMF is gonna own. +(-Where did this Pokemon come from/What is it?-)+ Well, this fierce little Pokemanz is from the new Pokemon Black and White and the Water starter for the game (Following in the steps of the epic Mudkipz). And...
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    Does anyone have a LJ?

    I just joined not too long ago and wanted to know if anyone else goes there :D My LJ is here- In you and I, there's a new land. and feel free to friend me. btw, if this topic already exists then you can delete this, Mods.
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    (+The HopexVanille Fanclub+)

    From the maker of the Lightning FC, I bring you.... (+The HopexVanille Fanclub+) The cutest pairing in Final Fantasy XIII (+Who are they?+) Vanille and Hope are an adorable (non-canon) pairing from Final Fantasy XIII. Even if you don't like them as a romantic pairing, you can't deny that...
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    -|{The Oerba Dia Vanille Fanclub}|-

    From the maker of the Lightning FC, I bring you.... -|{The Oerba Dia Vanille Fanclub}|- The most adorable girl in FFXIII -|{Who is she?}|- Vanille of the Dia clan from Oerba village is the cheerful narrator of Final Fantasy XIII. Her adorable relationships with Hope and Fang are some of the...
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    +-||Lightning Fanclub||-+

    +-||THE LIGHTNING FANCLUB||-+ The fiercest character in Final Fantasy XIII +-|Who she is|-+ Lightning A.K.A Claire Farron is the leading lady of Final Fantasy XIII! She deserves an amazing fanclub for the fantastic role that she had in the game. +-|Reasons to love her|-+ Feel free to add...
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    Mirror's Edge: Runners at War|Signups & OOC|

    Warning: spoilers about the end of the game are in this roleplay! Mirror's Edge Runners at War Faith. Some admire her running abilities, some blame her for Merc’s death and some were even former friends with her before she went into hiding. However people feel about her, you can’t deny that...
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    Final Fantasy characters in KH Hurt/Heal

    This shall make up for the fact I cannot falcon punch KH2 Aerith/Aeris in the face. Normal rules will apply and KEEP TRACK OF NUMBERS. This happens alot in hurt/heals and it's hard to fix. Am I missing anyone? Hurt Aerith Heal Moogle Leon- 15 Aerith- 14 - Yuffie- 15 Cid- 15 Yuna- 15 Rikku-...
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    What level were you when you beat Xemnas?

    Yo. I've been replaying Kh2 for the last week or so and I'm at the point where I'm at the point of no return to go up against him again. But I haven't played kh2 since it came out and have no idea what level I should be ;_; Right now I'm level 54 with Oblivion (I'm not going to get Fenir or...