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  1. Optimus Rhyme

    post here if you're actually cool

    need to know who is on this site who's a cool guy
  2. Optimus Rhyme

    Heyyyyyyy guys

    Just wsnt you guy to know that I livr you all despite the garf feeligns (even hanster lotd) <3
  3. Optimus Rhyme

    We're Shipping up to Boston [An interivew with the voluptuous hunny, Stephaknee]

    Sorry gang, pretty sure this was supposed to go up last week or a while ago anyway. Regardless; here it is. Score. If anyone would like to conduct an interview, please feel free to PM Silh. (read: not if you think you deserve to be interviewed; that's up to whoever does the interview)
  4. Optimus Rhyme

    post itt if you hate the corrupt mods

    they are so unfair who do they think they are!!! posting in advance for ma bois brw and lil von
  5. Optimus Rhyme

    Am I the only one who...

    Predominantly only listens to music that fits the current mood they're in? If I'm in a great mood, I don't want to listen to mellow, more quiet songs, etc.
  6. Optimus Rhyme

    Because KHI IRL meetups are all the rage these days...

    So yeah, me, Stephaknee, and Trag had a chill sesh today, good vibes all around. Pictures to shaaaaaaare I look like a goon in this pic, but w/e it's like the only one we took steph has some pretty rad selfies we took, but they're on her phone so if she wants to upload them she will whenever
  7. Optimus Rhyme

    EA Sports Games General

    Basically all sports vidya game discussion here~ I can't be the only one who plays me some madden and FIFA.
  8. Optimus Rhyme

    rad gifs thread

  9. Optimus Rhyme

    Taylor Swift

    Don't lie. She's great.
  10. Optimus Rhyme

    Sorry, #junes

    I promised you guys I would log in the first time I was drunk. Last night I got smashed and needless to say I forgot to log in. Sorry, ladies and gents
  11. Optimus Rhyme

    Confess how you feel about other KHI members ITT

    Think about it like confessions at church before you got raped by that priest
  12. Optimus Rhyme

    The First Step

    this is a story I submitted for my creative writing class. I know some parts probably seem a bit rushed, but there was a page limit I had to stay under. It was C/P from word so there might be some errors here and there The First Step I. “Get in and shut the hell up, McAllister.” a woman yelled...
  13. Optimus Rhyme

    ITT we give theme songs to other KHI members

    Scubasteve: eh8mRjO1nhg
  14. Optimus Rhyme

    Hamster Lord

  15. Optimus Rhyme

    keep hamster lord banned

    he sucks and is tampering with the holy land that is khi he is making this an unsafe enviroment and his faggot ass needs to be banned foreverpeteispleased Keep Hamster Lord Banned Petition
  16. Optimus Rhyme


    Mashups - Combining two songs together, with elements of both songs. I can't be the only fan of these. Who else likes mashups?
  17. Optimus Rhyme

    33 by 65

    Here is the version I turned in to class. I apologize if thoughts aren't in italics, as they were from the start, I'm just not sure how to copy the format over here from word. The two questions I'd like you to think about are: -Is the main character ok? -should the ending be changed? (I have a...
  18. Optimus Rhyme


    Lol fags idk why this hasn't been made yetpete:< I mean, Terra is so strong, so just imagine...peteshocked LEADER Me (lol) GROUP MEMBERS Seraph TheLight (completely homo xD) Strawberry aquaftw1414
  19. Optimus Rhyme

    Exercises to help you become better writers!

    ITT:exercises that are useful in tuning a specific part of writing, such as plot or character development, or just writing in general. More will be added as I have time to add them.
  20. Optimus Rhyme

    Quick poll

    How many of you bought a PSP to play BBS? As in, you didn't own one before, you now own one to play BBS.