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  1. gavinh2007

    After 8 Years, I Have FINALLY Beaten Kingdom Hearts!

    I know that sounds insane. 8 years?! To be honest, that was just when I first started playing Kingdom Hearts back in 2006. I had the regular PlayStation 2 version and I played it loads... until I got to the second Ansem fight, right after Darkside and before the final fight of the game. Every...
  2. gavinh2007

    Ansem 2 Level

    Could I ask, what level were you when you fought Ansem for the second time, cos I just keep dying. I'm only Level 54, and I can imagine that I need to get to a higher level definetly, but I'm just wondering just so I know what my target will be.
  3. gavinh2007

    "Hocus Pocus" World?

    What do you reckon? The three main villains are Winifred, Mary and Sarah Sanderson, it could be quite funny, but not sure.
  4. gavinh2007

    Heylo Everyone

    Hi, I'm not exactly that new but I forgot to introduce myself lol I'm Gavin, 15 years old, male, my bday is May 7th I love a lot of TV shows, including Desperate Housewives and Ghost Whisperer I first played on Kingdom Hearts 2 and clocked that before the first one, I wanted the 2nd one cos of...